Speaking about HPV Vaccine to your Colleagues

Be an HPV vaccine champion! Talk to your colleagues in pediatrics and family medicine about the importance of recommending HPV vaccine to 11- or 12-year-olds in the same way and on the same day as Tdap and meningococcal conjugate vaccines.

Take Action By:

  1. Reviewing CDC’s side deck to fully recognize the burden of HPV disease, the significance of a strong recommendation, and how to successfully communicate about HPV vaccine to parents.
  2. When asked your opinion on HPV vaccine, explaining the importance of HPV vaccination as a primary prevention tool for HPV cancers.
  3. Integrate learnings from CDC’s free continuing education activity into your presentations with colleagues and staff as well as the conversations you have as you recommend HPV vaccine to your 11-12 year old patients and their parents.


You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention – Train the Trainer CE Course
You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention – Train the Trainer CE Course
In this continuing education course, CDC provides training on how you can use the HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention side set in your presentations with your colleagues or staff.  Also included in this presentation is up-to-date information on HPV infection/disease, HPV vaccine, and ways to successfully communicate HPV vaccination information with parents. This CME is presented as a web-on-demand video, which was released on October 26, 2017. Continuing education is available until October 26, 2019.


CDC's You Are the Key to Cancer Prevention Slide set
Request CDC’s You Are the Key to Cancer Prevention Slide set
These slides provide helpful information on effectively communicating HPV vaccine information with parents. This includes, who needs HPV vaccine, why we vaccinate at ages 11-12, how many doses of HPV vaccine patients should receive, and key information about HPV cancers. As an HPV Vaccine Champion, you can educate your entire staff by sharing the You Are the Key presentation with them. Furthermore, you can lead the conversation with others by presenting You Are the Key to other clinicians to help them build the necessary skills to make an effective recommendation. To obtain the updated slides, email PreteenVaccines@cdc.gov. The presentation is also available for Continuing Education (CE) credits on our website.