Materials to Give Parents

Providing educational resources to parents will help them understand the importance of vaccinating their children and answer many of their questions about vaccination. Here are some simple suggestions on how you can use the resources below.

Take Action By:

  1. Sending a letter home to parents when their child turns 10 to inform them of the vaccines that their child will need at their next visit.
  2. Sharing one of the following factsheets about HPV vaccine for parents who want more information.
  3. Understanding that parents may have questions about vaccine and only need to be reassured that it is safe, effective, and long lasting.


HPV Vaccine is Safe — (Gardasil)
HPV Vaccine is Safe — (Gardasil) Cdc-pdf[2 pages]
A flyer that can help you explaining HPV vaccine safety to high information seeking parents. This factsheet also talks various HPV vaccine studies as well as giving links to related scientific articles.


HPV Vaccines Are Safe For Your Child
HPV Vaccines Are Safe For Your Child Cdc-pdf[2 pages]
An easy-to-read 2 page factsheet that you can give to parents who are wanting to know more about HPV vaccine safety.


Adolescent Vaccines Factsheet
Adolescent Vaccines Factsheet Cdc-pdf[1 page]
A one page factsheet that gives a brief overview of all the vaccinations preteens and teens should be getting at age 11-12.


Fact sheets and Posters for all Adolescent Vaccines.
Basic HPV Factsheet Cdc-pdf[1 page]
An easy-to-read one page factsheet that answers parents general questions about HPV and HPV vaccine.


HPV Vaccine Information Sheet
HPV Vaccine Information Sheet Cdc-pdf[2 pages]
A more in-depth HPV vaccine factsheet that can help answer questions for parents wanting to know more.


HPV Safety Factsheet
HPV Safety Factsheet Cdc-pdf[1 page]
A one page, easy-to-read factsheet for parents that talks about HPV vaccine safety, effectiveness, and duration of protection.


Parent Friendly Immunization schedule: 7-19 Years
Parent Friendly Immunization schedule: 7-19 Years Cdc-pdf[2 pages]
This easy-to-read schedule can help parents of preteens and teens know when their children need vaccines.


HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Gardasil VIS
HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Gardasil® VIS Cdc-pdf[2 pages]
A downloadable version of the VIS for Gardasil


HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Gardasil-9 VIS
HPV (Human Papillomavirus) Gardasil®-9 VIS Cdc-pdf[2 pages]
A downloadable version of the VIS for Gardasil-9