2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Award Winner Spotlights

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Arizona | Arkansas


staff at Maryvale Family Health Center Phoenix, AZ

Maryvale Family Health Center
Phoenix, AZ

The Maryvale Family Health Center (MV FHC) is part of the Maricopa Integrated Health System in Phoenix, AZ, with a mission “to provide exceptional care to every patient, every time.” MV FHC is dedicated to providing quality medical care to all residents, regardless of the ability to pay.

In September 2017, MV FHC participated in a quality improvement program and learned that their HPV vaccine completion rate for adolescents was 48%. The assessment gave the MV FHC team valuable input to improve immunization rates at the clinic. The staff worked cohesively, using the quality improvement strategies recommended by the Arizona Department of Health Services, which included the Recommend, Report, Utilize, and Inactivate method.

The MV FHC staff recommended vaccines to patients during each visit, provided informational handouts to parents and discussed the importance of immunizations for disease prevention. Patient immunization records were reviewed before visits, ensuring information would be updated in their electronic medical record (EMR) as well as in state immunization registration (ASIIS). Then, a bi-weekly report was created, which gave the MV FHC staff the opportunity to reach out to parents whose children were missing vaccinations and schedule them for necessary visits. Finally, patients who were not established at MV FHC were inactivated after their immunization data was updated in ASIIS.

The MV FHC staff’s consistent collaboration and dedication continues to keep their patients healthy and thriving. At a four-month follow-up assessment in January 2018, the percentage for HPV vaccine completion rate in adolescents rose to 98%. The unparalleled teamwork from the MV FHC staff makes them the 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion in Arizona!


Floyd Gonzalez, MD

Floyd Gonzalez, MD
De Queen, AR

Dr. Floyd Gonzalez is a private practicing pediatrician in the city of De Queen, Arkansas, a rural area with a large Hispanic population. Dr. Gonzalez has been a practicing pediatrician for over 20 years and is well respected in the community. Dr. Gonzalez received his medical training at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at Tec Salud in Monterrey, Mexico.

Dr. Gonzalez has achieved high HPV vaccination rates through effectively communicating the benefits of HPV vaccination and answering parents’ questions in both English and Spanish. He educates parents about the HPV vaccine, explaining the importance of receiving the vaccine for every patient, beginning at 9 years old. He also stresses to parents that HPV vaccination helps prevent their child from the developing certain types of cancer as they get older. Dr. Gonzalez answers parents’ questions and concerns and provides written information about the HPV vaccine in both English and Spanish to ensure all of the parents in his practice have the information they need to feel comfortable in their decision to vaccinate their child.

With a series completion rate of 85% for adolescent patients, Dr. Gonzalez is Arkansas’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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staff at Vista Community Clinic

Vista Community Clinic
Vista, CA

Vista Community Clinic (VCC) in Vista, California, is a non-profit community health center. VCC has been a certified Federally Qualified Health Center since 2002 and continues to serve the medically underserved at eight permanent sites and two mobile units in low-income areas of Southern California.

VCC understands that access to medical care is an important piece of the puzzle in their community. To that end, VCC offers walk-in and immunization-only visits at multiple locations. VCC also has their own HPV vaccination champion who continually works on reducing barriers or resolving issues with clinic workflows.

The VCC Pediatric Department promotes discussion and education about HPV vaccine at all levels, from the front desk, to clinicians, as well as executive-level staff, to ensure a consistent message throughout the office. They have conducted several in-house meetings and education sessions with community leaders about the importance of vaccines and topics such as vaccine hesitancy. VCC has also worked with the San Diego Immunization Registry (SDIR) and their own electronic health record (EHR) teams to establish two-way communication between SDIR and EHR for more accurate patient vaccine data.

VCC recently collaborated with the American Cancer Society (ACS) to boost HPV vaccination rates among low-income teens, supported in part by an HPV VACs Data Capacity Mini-Grant from ACS. As part of the project, VCC increased discussion and education with parents and patients about the HPV vaccine. They send reminder cards for the 11-year old vaccine series and the series completion for the HPV vaccine itself. The ACS project substantially increased VCC’s HPV vaccine series completion rate by age 13 years, from below 25% prior to the initiation of the project, to 52% by the time of project completion.

VCC has been successful in its mission to advance community health and hope, by providing access to health services and education for those who need it most. With an overall series completion rate of 64% for adolescent patients, Vista Community Clinic is California’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Shipley Street

Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Shipley Street
Seaford, DE

Nemours duPont Pediatrics, Shipley Street (Nemours/Shipley), is a small clinic in rural southern Delaware, treating approximately 2,200 patients on a broad spectrum of socioeconomic levels. Nemours/Shipley has a strong focus on preventative care, and builds and maintains strong family connections through clear and timely communication with patients and families.

The staff at Nemours/Shipley are recognized as experts in HPV vaccinations on several levels. The lead physician, Dr. Harry A. Lehman, serves on a “Cross Campus” committee comprised of stakeholders to develop in-office education to boost HPV coverage rates. Kim Reed, the lead nurse, is a Vaccine Coordinator within the Nemours Clinic system, and has worked on several pilot programs aimed at tracking and improving immunization rates. The office is active in vaccine quality improvement projects, including DelVAX (Delaware’s Immunization Information System, or IIS) AFIX reports training, utilizing IIS reports to accurately maintain the client roster, and using reminder/recall efforts to bring patients in to complete their vaccine series. HPV vaccine rates are also tracked through Nemours’ benchmark reporting and are included in daily Huddle Board discussions.

Nemours/Shipley focuses on preventative care at the highest level of service. The staff acknowledges that if children and families are not seen on a regular basis, opportunities to build trusting relationships, as well as vaccination opportunities, will be missed. To accomplish this, the clinic schedules adolescent patient checkups one year in advance for routine wellness visits. They also send reminder/recalls and mailings as well as e-mail and text reminders through their patient portal.

Nemours/Shipley believes in the importance of HPV vaccinations from the top down. These consistent and collaborative efforts have resulted in an 81% HPV vaccine series completion rate for their 13-15 year old patients, making Nemours dupont Pediatrics, Shipley Street, Delaware’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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Alix Casler, MD

Alix Casler, MD
Orlando, FL

Dr. Alix Casler joined Orlando Health Physician Associates (OHPA) in 1995, practicing in their Lake Nona Office. She has played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of education and training for the vaccine program adopted at OHPA. Dr. Casler began this initiative in 2014, where she worked with clinicians and program specialists to define a vaccine program to improve overall vaccine rates among children and adolescents. Dr. Casler also gained internal Board approval to make vaccines an internal quality metric used for reporting and incentive bonuses. Quarterly reports showing individual provider vaccine rates are shared at the Pediatric Department meetings. In addition to championing this initiative within her own internal physician group, Dr. Casler has devoted much time and effort to speaking on this topic in many forums, including sharing her own clinical expertise with the CDC regarding the HPV vaccine.

Dr. Casler is devoted to providing education about vaccines outside her office, as well. Her blog about vaccines brings valuable information to peers, colleagues, partners, and patients. Dr. Casler, along with her skilled clinical team members, ensure that the patient is the priority when discussing concerns regarding vaccines and believes that it is the clinician’s role to educate parents and patients on the benefits of vaccines and refute myths about vaccination.

In addition to practicing at OHPA, Dr. Casler is the Chairperson and Medical Director of Quality of the group’s pediatric department. She instructs the Quality Improvement program at the University of Florida pediatric residency program at Arnold Palmer Hospital, and is Assistant Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the Florida State College of Medicine and the University of Central Florida College of Medicine. Dr. Casler is an active member of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and is Central Florida’s regional representative to the Florida Chapter of the AAP.

For her dedication and efforts to achieve an 84% HPV vaccine series completion rate for adolescents in her practice, Dr. Casler is Florida’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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Tania Smith, MD Albany, GA

Tania Smith, MD
Albany, GA

Prestige Pediatrics, headed by Dr. Tania Smith, is a rural, family-centered practice in Albany, Georgia. Prestige Pediatrics is a National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Level 3 Recognition practice that continuously strives to meet and exceed patients’ expectations while maintaining the highest standards of excellence. The office has a diverse patient population, and is the only practice in the area that has office hours as early as 6:00 am and as late at 7:00 pm.

Dr. Smith ensures that her staff are well trained and knowledgeable about the importance of HPV vaccination for all eligible patients. Educating patients and parents about the HPV vaccine begins at the front desk and continues with clinical staff. The staff huddles each day to identify patients who are due for the HPV vaccine and provides educational brochures about HPV to patients and parents to read while in the waiting room. Dr. Smith and her staff have also participated in Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives to raise HPV vaccination completion rates. The staff effectively utilizes reminder/recall strategies, including making phone calls to schedule appointments specifically for patients due for their HPV vaccine.

Dr. Smith has served as Region Representative to the Board of Directors for the Georgia American Academy of Pediatrics (GA AAP) for four years and is currently Co-Chair of the Membership Committee for the GA AAP. She recently attended QI training focused on HPV vaccination with AAP, and now shares her knowledge with physicians locally and across the state. Dr. Smith is a motivating advocate for HPV vaccination. She, along with her staff at Prestige Pediatrics, have achieved an 83% HPV vaccine series completion rate for their adolescent patients and is 2018’s HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion for the state of Georgia!


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Chunmei Wu, MD

Chunmei Wu, MD
Honolulu, HI

Dr. Chunmei Wu opened her private practice on the island of Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1999, and is affiliated with Kapiolani Medical Center for Women & Children. Dr. Wu’s practice supports patients who speak English, Chinese, and Ilocano, languages all spoken broadly in Hawaii.

Dr. Wu considers immunizations a vital part of patient care, and ensures her entire office supports patients effectively through education about the HPV vaccine. Her staff is knowledgeable on the HPV vaccination schedule, rates of HPV cancer, as well as the disease burden of HPV. Each afternoon, the staff reviews patients coming in for immunizations and flags patient records to reduce missed vaccination opportunities. When patients arrive, the front office staff informs patients about immunizations they will be receiving and provides information about those vaccinations to review.

Dr. Wu’s office uses the electronic health record system to check each patient’s HPV vaccination status and uses a remind/recall system through reminder cards, phone calls, and text messaging to keep patients aware of upcoming visits. Before a patient leaves the office during a visit, their next appointment is scheduled if they are due for the HPV vaccine. Patients are contacted within 3-5 days if patient is a “no show.” Both walk-in and immunization-only appointments are available, so patients have better access to the HPV vaccine.

Dr. Wu collaborates with the Hawaii State Department of Health’s VFC AFIX Immunization Quality Improvement program to assess adolescent immunization coverage rates, and to increase and maintain high rates of immunizations among adolescent patients in her practice. Because of this, Dr. Wu is regarded as a caring and trusted professional by her patients and staff. Her efforts, along with her practice’s 90% HPV vaccine completion rate for adolescent patients, makes Dr. Wu the 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion for Hawaii!


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Idaho | Indiana


Lisa Barker, MD

Lisa Barker, MD
Boise, Idaho

Dr. Lisa Barker works at St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital and has served this organization as secretary/treasurer for three consecutive years. Currently, she is in her second year as Vice President of the Idaho Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Dr. Barker has been an effective vaccine champion and expert for this chapter of over 124 pediatricians around Idaho. During this time, she has continued her relentless pursuit of educating the community by speaking with legislators of the state about stressing the importance of all vaccines for kids, including the HPV vaccine series.

Dr. Barker keeps an active presence to build support for HPV vaccination rates for the state’s adolescent population. Dr. Barker served as a leading expert on the planning committee and a physician champion for an Adolescent Immunizations Learning Collaborative in 2016. This project aimed to increase vaccination coverage of Tdap, Meningococcal, and HPV 3-dose series for adolescents 11-17 years old in Idaho. The project achieved these goals by focusing on assessing and documenting patients’ immunization status, reducing the number of missed vaccination opportunities, and increasing the scheduling rates of follow up appointments related to the HPV vaccine.

Dr. Barker is a vaccine champion within her community and peers often seek out her opinion on best practices and approaches to explaining the benefits of HPV vaccines in a positive and informative manner. She has recently developed a presentation about how to speak with parents about HPV vaccine questions, and will be providing that workshop as a webinar training to over 115 health care providers. Through her efforts, Dr. Barker has achieved an HPV vaccine series completion rate of 69% for her adolescent patients, and is Idaho’s 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion!


Sarah Bosslet, MD

Sarah Bosslet, MD
Lebanon, IN

Dr. Sarah Bosslet has been a valuable partner and advocate for HPV vaccination in the state of Indiana. She has been in practice at Witham Pediatrics in Lebanon, Indiana since 2008, where she works tirelessly to educate patients and staff about HPV vaccination.

Dr. Bosslet and six other pediatricians from Witham Pediatrics recently developed a Quality Improvement (QI) Plan through the National Improvement Partnership Network (NIPN) and the Academic Pediatrics Association (APA) to improve HPV vaccination rates. The office has established a culture of immunization by educating all staff on the importance of HPV vaccination, how to make effective recommendations for the HPV vaccine, and understanding the impact recommendations have on parent/guardian decisions to vaccinate against HPV cancers.

Dr. Bosslet is the Immediate Past President of the Indiana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). During her tenure, Dr. Bosslet was an important voice in the efforts to increase HPV vaccination rates across the state and share best practices with other clinicians. She has spoken (or has upcoming appearances) about HPV vaccination at the Public Health Nurse Conference; the Indiana Immunization Coalition conference; the Indiana Association of School Nurses Conference; and, the HPV Summit: A Road to an HPV Cancer Free Generation. Dr. Bosslet was also at the helm of the Indiana chapter of the AAP when they received two grants to provide clinician training and education around HPV vaccination. Dr. Bosslet has also completed the HPV Quality Improvement Maintenance of Certification offered by the Indiana Immunization Coalition.

Dr. Bosslet’s down-to-earth approach and memorable presentations leave a lasting impression with attendees. Most recently, Dr. Bosslet agreed to participate in filming a PSA-style video to educate parents and preteens about the recommended adolescent vaccines, including HPV. With a 67% HPV vaccine completion rate for adolescents at her practice, Dr. Sarah Bosslet is Indiana’s 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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Julia Richerson, MD, FAAP

Julia Richerson, MD, FAAP
Louisville, KY

Dr. Julia Richerson has been a pediatrician for 20 years, and is a leader in championing HPV vaccination in her practice in Kentucky, as well as nationwide. She has been practicing in Louisville for 15 years at the Family Health Centers Iroquois office, which specializes in serving immigrant and refugee populations. She has also spent several years as the Medical Director, leading the health planning for over 40,000 Louisville residents and supervising over 40 medical providers.

Dr. Richerson employs several techniques to achieve high HPV vaccination rates in her practice. She begins the conversation about HPV vaccination at age 9, and encourages giving vaccinations during any visit. The office uses a remind/recall system for upcoming patient visits and recommends HPV vaccination the same way and same day as other adolescent vaccines. Nurses are also trained to make confident recommendations for HPV vaccination, which ensures a consistent message throughout the office.

Dr. Richerson supports innovative collaboration within her practice as well as across Kentucky. She recently chaired the Kentuckiana Health Collaborative’s Performance Measure Alignment Pediatric Committee to determine critical pediatric priorities for the state, which now includes HPV vaccination for adolescents. This measure will keep HPV vaccination top of mind among clinicians and key stakeholders in Kentucky, as they work collaboratively to improve health outcomes in the state. Dr. Richerson serves as Chair of the Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), as well as serves on several task forces and has various advisory roles for the AAP.

Dr. Richerson believes a strong continuity of care and a deep, trusting relationship with parents and patients is critical to vaccination success. Her tremendous efforts, combined with an 83% HPV vaccine completion rate for adolescents in her practice, is why Dr. Richerson is Kentucky’s 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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Samuel Y. Brown, MD

Samuel Y. Brown, MD
Kenner, LA

Dr. Samuel Brown and his wife, Linda, founded their pediatric practice in Metairie, LA in 1976. Dr. Brown has treated generations of families in the predominately Hispanic community of Kenner, and has tailored his practice to accommodate those who speak limited English. The staff includes Dr. Brown and one other physician, as well as medical assistants and support staff. All ten of the medical assistants and support staff are fluent in English and Spanish, which helps to facilitate accurate communication between doctors and patients. In addition, a bilingual staff member is available each night to assist with after-hours phone calls.

Dr. Brown’s practice fosters trust by working diligently to see patients the same day if a last-minute appointment is needed. The office runs reminder/recall reports several times per week and calls patients proactively to schedule office visits for patients who need to receive any upcoming vaccines. Each staff member promotes the importance of all vaccines at every visit. Dr. Brown’s practice enthusiastically encourages HPV vaccination as cancer prevention by displaying posters and other educational materials around the office.

As a result of these efforts, Dr. Brown’s practice has HPV vaccination rates well above the national average, with 89% of their 13-15 year old patients having completed the series. This makes Dr. Brown Louisiana’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!

Western Maine Pediatrics

Western Maine Pediatrics
Norway, ME

Western Maine Pediatrics, part of Western Maine Health, is a pediatric practice located in Norway, Maine. The practice consists of four board certified pediatricians, a pediatric nurse practitioner, and a team of clinical and administrative support staff.

Western Maine Pediatrics is recognized as a leader in HPV vaccination in the Maine Health system. One way they achieve this is through the motto, “no missed opportunities”. The practice uses a team-based approach to HPV vaccine completion, where every staff member plays a key role in the vaccination process. The staff holds weekly quality improvement meetings with at least one representative from each role in the practice, to discuss the newest data, trends, adjustments, and opportunities for improving vaccine completion rates.

Staff from Western Maine Pediatrics collaborate with families to build trust and understand parent concerns. They educate parents and patients about the importance of the HPV vaccine and its value as a cancer prevention tool. The amount of time that providers spend with families to have these important discussions is key to their success. Providers are encouraged to discuss parent or patient questions or concerns, one by one. They also use visual examples of HPV diseases, which is especially effective with male patients.

The collaborative approach works: 67% of patients at Western Maine Pediatrics have completes the HPV vaccination series by their 13th birthday. That percentage jumps to 79% in both male and female patients by their 15th birthday. A strong commitment to comprehensive care is why Western Maine Pediatrics is Maine’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


Natalie Pierre Joseph, MD, MPH

Natalie Pierre Joseph, MD, MPH
Boston, MA

Dr. Natalie Pierre Joseph is a Clinical Associate Professor in Pediatrics at the Boston University School of Medicine, and an Adolescent Medicine Specialist at Boston Medical Center. Her primary goal is to improve HPV vaccination and cancer prevention efforts.

Since 2007, Dr. Joseph has conducted research on HPV vaccine initiation among low-income and minority women in public healthcare settings. She works with a diverse group of underserved and low-income women by taking a bi-generational approach to care. Both mothers and daughters benefit from this approach: for daughters, by initiating the HPV vaccine series; and for mothers, by improving awareness of and intent to get a pap smear. Most recently, Dr. Joseph received funding to study how to integrate HPV vaccination education and cervical cancer screening in primary care settings.

Dr. Joseph also conducts regular educational training through her practice about HPV vaccination and cancer prevention to students, research staff and colleagues. In late 2018, she will be holding educational sessions during primary care department staff meetings to educate and promote effective provider communication to increase HPV vaccination rates.

In addition to her research, Dr. Joseph has an impressive HPV vaccination record: 83% of her adolescent patients at Boston Medical Center have completed the HPV vaccine series. She hopes to continue her work as a leader in HPV vaccine education and cancer prevention, particularly among minority communities. For her dedication and efforts, Dr. Joseph is the 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion for Massachusetts!


Basel Khatib, MD

Basel Khatib, MD
Dearborn, MI

Dr. Basel Khatib started his pediatric practice in Dearborn, MI in 1999, and is an attending pediatrician at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn. His work on vaccine awareness has been recognized by the State of Michigan and Wayne County Health departments, and Dr. Khatib has more than 21 honors related to vaccines (including the CDC’s 2014 Childhood Immunization Champion Award). Dr. Khatib’s large practice serves many low-income families in the Dearborn and Detroit areas.

Dr. Khatib is a passionate cancer prevention advocate. Two of his staff members’ primary responsibility is to focus on immunization activities. He regularly speaks to families, press, medical students, and other stakeholders about the importance of vaccination. In fact, the CDC’s resource for clinicians, titled “Top 10 Tips for HPV Vaccination Success”, is based on a handout Dr. Khatib developed on immunization success factors. Dr. Khatib invites medical students to observe his practice, in order to model effective provider recommendations. He works diligently to remove financial barriers to immunization and offers free vaccines to families who cannot afford to pay.

By providing his voice to the importance of HPV as a cancer-preventing vaccine, Dr. Khatib has substantially improved immunization rates across his community. Dr. Khatib has an HPV vaccine series completion of 99% for 13 to 17 year old boys and girls in his practice; his staff is actively working to reach those remaining few patients to ensure they are protected from cancers caused by HPV. Dr. Khatib has demonstrated great leadership by establishing a culture of immunization and leveraging innovative approaches to care. Dr. Khatib’s impressive achievements are the reason he is Michigan’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


Robert M. Jacobson, MD

Robert M. Jacobson, MD
Rochester, MN

Dr. Robert Jacobson is a general pediatrician, professor of pediatrics, and longtime member of the Mayo Clinic consulting staff, including completing a ten-year term as Chair of the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at the Mayo Clinic.

As the Medical Director for the immunization programs for both Mayo Clinic’s Employee and Community Health and the Southeastern Minnesota Mayo Clinic Health System, Dr. Jacobson oversees immunization programs for thousands of patients. He regularly facilitates clinical grand rounds, Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses, workshops, residency training presentations, and clinical review courses focused on addressing HPV vaccine hesitancy. Dr. Jacobson currently conducts research to improve vaccination uptake among primary care populations, and leads an NIH-funded research grant to improve provider recommendations for the HPV vaccine.

Dr. Jacobson has an impressive history of innovative approaches to education, research, and clinical practice. In 2005 and 2006, he led efforts at the Mayo Clinic to adopt recommendations of routine universal vaccination of females against HPV starting at age 9 years old, and in 2010 and 2011, he championed routine vaccination of males ages 9 through 26 years. He also leads the Mayo Clinic’s efforts to train pediatric residents in addressing vaccine hesitancy. Dr. Jacobson’s approach uses a simulation training lab where residents engage in clinical encounters using a medical actress to portray a vaccine hesitant parent.

Dr. Jacobson has collaborated with multiple organizations at the local, state, national, and international level to improve HPV vaccination rates. Dr. Jacobson is an enthusiastic champion for HPV vaccination, and has a 71% HPV vaccine series completion rate for his 13-15 year old patient population. His devotion to improving HPV vaccine rates is the reason Dr. Jacobson is Minnesota’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


Trinity Pediatric Clinic

Trinity Pediatric Clinic
Jackson, MS

Trinity Pediatric Clinic opened in Jackson, Mississippi in 2011. The clinic has three medical providers: Dr. Audrey Robertson; Ali Tirell, PNP; and, Dr. Jasmine Sandhu. The office staff also includes a primary immunization coordinator and support staff.

Trinity Pediatric Clinic staff diligently assesses the immunization status of all new patients, and follows up at each patient’s visit. They send appointment reminders two days before all scheduled appointments. The clinic treats the administration of the HPV vaccine the same as other adolescent vaccines, using a bundled recommendation for adolescent vaccines starting at age 11. They also schedule patients to return for their second dose of HPV vaccine prior to leaving the clinic. If a parent is hesitant about the vaccine, the staff uses a variety of techniques to address those concerns. The staff explains that the medical providers at Trinity Pediatrics have vaccinated their own children, and stress the importance and effectiveness of the HPV vaccine in preventing HPV related cancers in adults.

The Trinity Pediatric Clinic staff also works closely with the Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) to stay up to date on all best practices regarding quality improvement measures for pediatric and adolescent immunizations. The clinic providers and staff members actively participate in AFIX visits to ensure that their vaccination coverage rates remain high in all categories. As they continue to follow immunization quality improvement best practices, vaccination coverage rates at Trinity Pediatric continues to reflect rates higher than state data.

These successful efforts have allowed Trinity Pediatric Clinic to achieve an astounding 87% HPV vaccine completion rate for adolescent patients, making the clinic Mississippi’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


Mercy Clinic East Community
St. Louis, MO

The pediatricians and staff of Mercy Clinic East Community (MCEC) in St. Louis, MO, enthusiastically promote HPV vaccination as cancer prevention. The clinicians and nurses at MCEC are fully aware of the devastating health outcomes that HPV infections can lead in both men and women. Because of their commitment to preventing these serious diseases, the clinic has implemented evidenced-based strategies to improve HPV vaccine completion rates in their clinic.

The MCEC staff educates patients and parents on the importance of HPV vaccination for preventing cancers caused by HPV. The staff actively encourages all of their patients in the recommended age range to receive and complete the HPV vaccine series. Dr. Howard Schlansky, the Department Chair of Pediatrics at the clinic, fosters a culture of HPV vaccination that centers around four key concepts: HPV vaccination is cancer prevention; HPV vaccination is safe and effective; HPV vaccination is important for both boys and girls; and, that HPV vaccination is most effective when given at ages 11-12.

Dr. Schlansky is also committed to sharing his insight beyond the clinic. In April of 2018, Dr. Schlansky was a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society (ACS) during the St. Louis HPV Task Force Meeting, as well as participated in the HPV Roundtable Integrated Delivery System Task Group.

MCEC is making a lasting impact in the St. Louis area; in less than three years, MCEC has had a 12% increase in their HPV vaccination rates—from 50% in November 2015 to 62% as of April 2018. Due to the collective efforts of Dr. Schlansky and the MCEC team, fewer people in St. Louis will have the future burden of an HPV cancer. The dedication of Mercy Clinic East Community is the reason they are Missouri’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!

New Jersey

The Pediatric Primary Care Clinic at the DePaul Center

The Pediatric Primary Care Clinic at the DePaul Center
Paterson, NJ

The Pediatric Primary Care Clinic at the DePaul Center is a part of St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Paterson, New Jersey. Residents from three medical schools complete their pediatric rotations in this clinic, and the multidisciplinary care team primarily serves low-income, medically-underserved individuals. They also have a large non-English speaking patient population.

The clinic uses a team-based approach to provide coordinated, patient-centered care. They educate the entire staff on the importance of the HPV vaccine and provide tools to effectively discuss the vaccine with patients and their families. The clinic has a policy to start the HPV vaccine conversation at an early age and frame it as cancer prevention; this anticipatory guidance is key to improving vaccine acceptance. Additionally, the staff uses reminder/recall systems, repeated recommendations, and patient rewards to facilitate completion of the vaccine series.

The Pediatric Primary Care Clinic provides leadership to others in their community. Members of the clinic staff often speak at organizations around New Jersey, to give guidance to practices that may be struggling to vaccinate their adolescent populations. They have also joined forces with their chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to continually improve HPV vaccination completion rates.

These innovations have improved the Pediatric Primary Care Clinic’s HPV vaccination completion rates to 81% in both 13-15 year old male and female patients in the past two years. Their well-rounded approach to care is why the Pediatric Primary Care Clinic at the DePaul Center is New Jersey’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!

New Mexico

Indian Health Service’s Santa Fe Service Unit

Indian Health Service’s Santa Fe Service Unit
Santa Fe, NM

The Santa Fe Indian Hospital Pediatric Clinic serves nine Pueblos in the Santa Fe area. The pediatricians in the clinic work closely with Santa Fe Indian School students to ensure they have access to the HPV vaccine, as well as with tribal governments and other programs to promote health and prevent disease. They also run specialty clinics that focus on women’s health, diabetes, pediatrics, and wellness.

There are three vaccine all-stars at the clinic: Sophia Barker, Lauren Mukes, and Michelle Lambert. Sophia and Lauren are the VFC coordinator and back-up coordinator, respectively. They are responsible for maintaining the vaccine supply, equipment, placing orders, and comparing reports every week. They work closely with Michelle, a health technician and pediatric immunizer. Michelle developed the effective “Immunizations Due” letters, which she sends to patients every two to three months, to inform them of the vaccines they need.

The Santa Fe Indian Hospital’s pediatricians, nurses, and pharmacists increase their HPV vaccination series completion rates by working to ensure all patients receive proper vaccine education. The staff has been able to overcome the social stigma of the HPV vaccine by taking advantage of the opportunity to educate clients about complications from cancers. They also use their electronic health record system to populate vaccine reminders and to ensure that they use every opportunity to vaccinate.

Their approach is working—77% of their 13-15 year-old patients have completed the HPV vaccine series. These impressive accomplishments are why the Santa Fe Indian Hospital Pediatric Clinic is New Mexico’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


Dr. Emmanuel Taguba

Lake Mead Pediatrics
North Las Vegas, NV

Lake Mead Pediatrics opened in 1993, led by Dr. Emmanuel Taguba. Dr. Taguba is Lake Mead Pediatrics’ only clinician on staff. He is American Board of Pediatrics accredited and a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and has been practicing medicine in Nevada since 1992.

Dr. Taguba and the Lake Mead Pediatrics staff utilize evidenced-based methods included in the General Best Practice Guidelines to sustain their impressive adolescent immunization coverage rates. Best practices include using every opportunity to recommend vaccines to adolescent patients and checking immunization records for each patient before their appointment begins. They also understand that best practices for immunization delivery are not behaviors used only for the purpose of a Quality Improvement (QI) project, but are built into day-to-day operations.

Dr. Taguba deeply understands the needs of patients in his community. He tailors his communication style and parent/patient education methods as most beneficial for the adolescents served at Lake Mead Pediatrics. Dr. Taguba has made it clear that all adolescent vaccines, including HPV, are important to begin and complete on time. His prioritization of the entire adolescent vaccination platform translates into how his staff strongly recommends the vaccine.

All staff at Lake Mead Pediatrics act as immunization champions. By creating a practice culture that values immunization for patients from birth through adolescence, parents of patients at Lake Mead Pediatrics are assured that their child is receiving all ACIP recommended vaccines on time. The tireless work towards protecting the adolescents they serve from HPV cancers has led to an HPV vaccine series completion rate of 93% for 13-15 year old patients, making Lake Mead Pediatrics Nevada’s 2018 HPV is Cancer Prevention Champion!

New York

Bellevue Pediatric Primary Care Clinic

Bellevue Pediatric Primary Care Clinic
New York, NY

The Bellevue Pediatric Primary Care Clinic (BPPCC) is a hospital-based clinic in New York City, serving a large and diverse population of patients with almost exclusively low socioeconomic status. The clinic is staffed by attending pediatricians, NYU School of Medicine pediatric residents, three nurse practitioners, eight registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants, and clerical staff.

BPPCC has taken a leadership role in championing HPV vaccination within the NYC Health and Hospitals (H+H) system. Through an ongoing quality improvement (QI) project first launched in preparation for an Assessment-Feedback-Incentives-eXchange (AFIX) visit, the staff continually monitors HPV vaccination rates and reminds/recalls patients who are due for the HPV vaccine. The clinic uses run charts to track the effects of interventions, such as education sessions and posting reminders in exam rooms, and results are shared with the staff.

BPPCC also collaborates with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) and the NYC H+H system to promote HPV vaccination. Dr. Arthur Fierman, Bellevue Pediatric Clinic Chief, Co-Chair of the NYC H+H Pediatric Council and Co-Chair of the NYC Childhood Immunization Coalition, was named a CDC Childhood Immunization Champion in 2013. Dr. Fierman has presented BPPCC and H+H Clinic HPV data at Coalition meetings, and led discussions about effective strategies to increase HPV vaccine completion rates.

A key strategy for the clinic has been to initiate HPV vaccination at the 9-year old well visit, which gives patients more time to complete the HPV vaccine series before their risk for getting HPV increases. Combining this with using every medical encounter as an opportunity to vaccinate has significantly increased HPV vaccine completion rates. BPPCC also presents the HPV vaccine as cancer prevention, and as one vaccine in a series of routine child and adolescent vaccines. Educational materials from the CDC and NYC DOHMH are distributed as flyers and displayed as posters in the clinic, which have all been useful aids.

Because of these innovative approaches to HPV vaccination education, the HPV vaccine series completion rate for Bellevue Pediatric Primary Care Clinic is 86% for adolescent patients, which makes them the 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion for the state of New York!

North Dakota

Patricia “Patty” Flohr, RN

Patricia “Patty” Flohr, RN
Sanford Pediatrics
Bismarck, ND

Patricia “Patty” Flohr is a North Dakotan born and raised. She attended nursing school at Bismarck Hospital School of Nursing, and has been a Pediatric Registered Nurse for more than four decades. Patty currently works at Sanford Pediatrics in Bismarck, North Dakota and is certified in Pediatric Nursing by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Patty inspires physicians, nurses and pediatric staff to continuously discuss and offer the HPV vaccine at every relevant patient encounter. Patty is a strong HPV vaccine educator, and coordinates guest speakers and online lectures at pediatric clinic meetings. Sanford Pediatrics works hard to ensure patients are receiving recommended vaccines by using staff reminders, educational materials, and appointment reminder calls to patients.

Patty also encourages the nurses to get involved in the vaccination process. The nurses write down which vaccines are due on the patient’s chart at every visit to remind physicians to discuss vaccines with patients. Nurses also document why patients refuse the HPV vaccine, and discuss it again at the patient’s next visit.

Patty’s hard work had helped lead Sanford Pediatrics to an impressive 64% HPV vaccine series completion rate for 13-15 year old patients, which is why Patty Flohr is North Dakota’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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Ohio | Oregon


Crossroad Health Center
Cincinnati, OH

Crossroad Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) with 5 locations and 16 providers. About 60% of patients who visit Crossroad Health Center are children and adolescents.

All providers at Crossroad Health Center champion the HPV vaccine. Providers begin giving the HPV vaccine at the 11 year old visit, and make follow up appointments for the second dose of the HPV vaccine before the patient leaves the office. Providers recommend the HPV vaccine the same way, and on the same day as the Tdap and meningococcal vaccines in a matter-of-fact, confident manner. If a parent has questions about the HPV vaccine, the provider will go into more detail about the importance of the HPV vaccine, specifically emphasizing how it prevents certain types of cancer. Crossroad Health Center also employs two staff members to check charts for vaccination status before upcoming appointments, whether for a well visit or not, noting which adolescents need a vaccine and actively contacting them to make appointments to get the vaccine.

Crossroad Health Center also leverages data from Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, and eXchange (AFIX) reports conducted by the Cincinnati Health Department each January to contact families whose children are missing any doses of the HPV vaccine. Crossroad Health Center is also committed to ensuring staff is educated on new strategies to increase vaccination rates.  The clinical staff attends annual seminars through the Ohio chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Maximizing Office Based Immunization (MOBI) and Teen Immunization Education Sessions (TIES), which combines more than 20 years of evidence-based science to educate physician’s offices on the best practices for immunizing their patients.

The consistency of efforts from the providers and staff of Crossroad Health Center has resulted in an HPV vaccine series completion rate of 62% for adolescent patients, making them Ohio’s 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion!


Providence Medical Group, Cascade Family Medicine

Providence Medical Group, Cascade Family Medicine
Portland, OR

Providence Medical Group, Cascade Family Medicine (Cascade) is one of the original clinics with Providence Medical Group in the Oregon region, with a patient population of well over 12,000. Cascade participates in an advanced primary care medical home model, which aims to strengthen primary care through regionally based, multi-payer payment reform and care delivery transformation. This creates accountability to make sure patients are up to date with vaccinations, especially with the adolescent patient population.

To ensure that Cascade’s adolescent patients are up to date with vaccines, the clinic created a specific workflow that would guarantee follow up scheduling and completion of the vaccine series. Medical assistant Bettina Kabachi and a nurse quality supervisor, Gretel Page, RN, spearheaded the workflow project. First, a weekly report is created with the names of patients who are due (or overdue) for the HPV vaccine. The medical assistant then calls to schedule a patient visit for the vaccine. If a patient already has an upcoming appointment with a provider, the clinic discusses the HPV vaccine in detail with the parent and patient, and determines whether the patient will receive the vaccine the same day, or in the next 3-6 months. They also schedule the patient for their second HPV vaccine dose 6-12 months out, prior to leaving the clinic.

This workflow has been very effective for Cascade, and speaks to the clinic’s commitment and passion to educate families about the importance of HPV vaccination. The workflow has also given Cascade the title as a Top 10 clinic for completion of the HPV vaccine series in Oregon. These efforts, along with an 88% HPV vaccine completion rate for adolescents, makes Providence Medical Group, Cascade Family Medicine Oregon’s 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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Rhode Island

Rhode Island

East Greenwich Pediatrics

East Greenwich Pediatrics
East Greenwich, RI

East Greenwich Pediatrics features a patient-centered medical home model of care, where the patient is the most important person in the healthcare system. Serving nearly 8,000 patients in the community, the practice fosters a culture of immunization, where the entire staff actively conveys the message that “vaccines work.”

East Greenwich Pediatrics includes five pediatricians, two pediatric nurse practitioners, and other nursing and support staff, who routinely collaborate with the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH). In 2014, the practice participated in an American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) grant initiative to increase HPV vaccination rates by holding an all-staff luncheon with the RIDOH Medical Director. Clinicians also participate in community groups such as the Head Start Health Advisory, to educate the community about the importance of starting the vaccine series at a young age.

Clinicians at East Greenwich Pediatrics promote the HPV vaccine as routine right from the start. At an 11-year old well visit, clinicians introduce the HPV vaccine with the other recommended adolescent vaccines, which helps parents understand that the vaccine is routine. The clinic describes the HPV vaccine as cancer prevention, and makes a strong recommendation for the HPV vaccination, knowing these are major factors influencing vaccine uptake. They also provide Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) handouts and FAQs, and take time to address parents’ questions and concerns and dispel myths about the HPV vaccine.

The staff uses an electronic medical record system that reminds them if patient vaccinations are overdue. This function also helps them incorporate catch-up immunizations when patients are in the office for another reason.

The staff at East Greenwich Pediatrics strongly believes that vaccination is a priority for each patient’s health, as well as the health of the entire community. Conveying the importance of the HPV vaccine as cancer prevention has resulted in an HPV vaccine series completion rate of 87% for adolescent patients, which makes East Greenwich Pediatrics Rhode Island’s 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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South Carolina

South Carolina

Dr. Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Bailey, DO, FAAP
Georgetown, SC

Dr. Jennifer Bailey is a dual American Osteopathic Board of Pediatrics (AOBP) and American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) certified pediatrician who currently serves the children of the greater Georgetown, SC area as Pediatric Medical Director at the Georgetown Pediatric Center of St. James Santee Family Health Center (SJSFHC).

As a partnering provider with the South Carolina Quality through Technology and Innovation in Pediatrics (QTIP) learning collaborative, as well as an Associate Professor and Community Site Preceptor for Pediatric Primary Care Residency at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), Dr. Bailey’s influence as a leading proponent for HPV vaccination is far-reaching. Dr. Bailey incorporates innovative, evidence-based strategies to address challenges and promote HPV vaccination in her practice. A leader of the SJSFHC system-wide Quality Improvement Committee, Dr. Bailey provides ongoing staff education on clinical quality processes and engages her team in Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles for testing, refining and standardizing key strategies that ensure her patients are protected from cancers caused by HPV.

Brittany Lawrence, MPH, SJSFHC Clinical Quality Coordinator, explains, “Dr. Bailey recommends all patients of appropriate age to receive the HPV vaccine by taking a different approach when speaking to parents. For example, most clinicians would typically say, “Your child is due for their TDAP and Meningococcal vaccines today. Would you also like them to get the HPV vaccine?” Instead, Dr. Bailey and her staff says, “your child is due for their preteen shots today, are there any questions?’” Recommending the HPV vaccine this way helps normalize it as part adolescent vaccines. Dr. Bailey also stresses the importance of HPV vaccination to prevent certain types of cancer, which helps parents who have questions or concerns feel comfortable in their decision to vaccinate.

Dr. Bailey has an exceptional series completion rate in her practice. Her monthly percentages never fell below 90% for patients getting least one HPV shot in the last two years; for patients completing the HPV vaccine series, the rate never fell below 78%, and currently stands at 100%. For her efforts, Dr. Jennifer Bailey is South Carolina’s 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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Tennessee | Texas


Tennessee Pediatric & Adolescent Center

Tennessee Pediatric & Adolescent Center
Cookeville, TN

The Tennessee Pediatric & Adolescent Center was opened 16 years ago by Dr. Satya Chakrabarty, a board certified pediatrician with over 32 years of experience. Dr. Chakrabarty and his staff are committed to providing quality healthcare to all patients. The clinic offers extended office hours along with weekend clinics. The vision of the Tennessee Pediatric & Adolescent Center is to be a provider of compassionate, comprehensive, and cost-effective healthcare for children of the upper Cumberland, TN region.

Dr. Chakrabarty and Lisa Wheeler, APRN, lead the practice’s HPV vaccination study. They have weekly huddles to review Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles. The first issue that the PDSA cycle addressed was patient education through bundling the recommendation for adolescent vaccines during the 11-year old visit. The practice provides HPV vaccine information to patients several times during their visit. If a parent refuses the HPV vaccine, Dr. Chakrabarty will discuss the importance of the vaccine with them directly. Ninety percent of the time, he walks out ordering the vaccine.

Staff at the Tennessee Pediatric & Adolescent Center believe the more they educate and repeat information about the HPV vaccine, the higher the completion rate will be. As a result of their continuous hard work in quality improvement, the Tennessee Pediatric & Adolescent Center received the HPV Champion Award by the Cumberland Pediatric Foundation in 2016 as well as the CDC Childhood Immunization Champion Award in 2017.

The Tennessee Pediatric &Adolescent Center is now working with Vanderbilt University’s Department of Pediatrics in Nashville, with an overall goal to increase HPV vaccination rates in community-based pediatric settings. The center strives to treat its patients with consideration, mutual trust, respect, and above all, compassion. This philosophy, combined with numerous educational efforts, has resulted in a 93% HPV vaccine completion rate among adolescents, which makes the Tennessee Pediatric & Adolescent Center Tennessee’s 2018 HPV Vaccine is Cancer Prevention Champion!


Lori Anderson, MD

Lori Anderson, MD
Corpus Christi, TX

At Amistad Community Health Center (ACHC) in Corpus Christi, Texas, Dr. Lori Anderson had led multiple efforts to raise HPV vaccine awareness and completion rates for adolescents in her practice and in her community.

Dr. Anderson led a Quality Improvement (QI) project at ACHC that successfully increased HPV vaccination initiation and completion rates. To accomplish this, Dr. Anderson created an HPV-specific vaccination team. Under her leadership, ACHC enhanced the vaccination workflow and implemented evidence-based interventions, such as patient reminders and HPV vaccination tracking. Dr. Anderson also recruited the ACHC’s adult clinic to vaccinate eligible patients, and she is currently in the process of working with ACHC’s dental clinic to refer their patients to the medical clinic for vaccination, if necessary.

Dr. Anderson works closely with her team at ACHC to ensure all eligible patients receive the HPV vaccine. She has found that starting the vaccination process at age 9 and 10 has helped increase completion rates, since patients return for required school vaccinations at 11 and 12 and can complete the series then, if not before. Dr. Anderson also takes time to educate new medical professionals about the HPV vaccine, empowering them to educate the community and their soon-to-be patients. Some communities close to Dr. Anderson do not have easy access to the HPV vaccine, so she has partnered with health fairs and schools to have ACHC or a local pharmacy provide vaccination opportunities at events.

Dr. Anderson is a member of the Texas HPV coalition, and works closely with the American Cancer Society (ACS) and other organizations to use educational tools and resources in her clinic as well as in the community. Dr. Anderson’s commitment to HPV vaccine education has resulted in a series completion rate of 80% for 13-15 year old patients at ACHC, making Dr. Anderson the 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion for the state of Texas!


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Gifford Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Gifford Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
Randolph, VT

Gifford Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine is a well-established clinic affiliated with Gifford Health Care, which provides care for children from birth to age 18 for those entering the workforce, and until age 22 for those attending college.

In 2016, the Gifford Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine team initiated an HPV Quality Improvement (QI) project. The project (which continues today) outlined goals to increase HPV vaccination completion rates by 10 percent, increase initiation (first dose) of HPV vaccination rates by 10 percent, screen all adolescents at every clinic visit, and implement an office system to identify patients due for HPV vaccination. Since then, the clinic has achieved a 30% increase in the HPV vaccine series completion rate for their adolescent patient population.

The staff accomplished these goals through efforts both inside and outside the clinic. Outside the clinic, Gifford Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine staff met with high school students about HPV during an open forum and information session in 2016; the presented an HPV education event for the entire community in 2017; and, they presented a seminar on HPV during the 20th annual Women’s Health and Cancer Conference in October 2017. Inside the clinic, the staff relies on collaboration from the entire office. A sticky note system for patients due for a vaccine has been very effective to remind providers to immunize during the appointment. The front office staff schedules follow-up appointments; nurses check for immunization opportunities for each patient; and, the pediatric nurse manager runs reports on patients who are overdue for immunization.

In 2018, the Vermont Department of Health recognized Gifford Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine with a certificate for “achievement of high immunization rates during 2017 for the childhood vaccines DTaP, Polio, MMR, Hib, HepB, VAR, and PCV; and, for the teen vaccines Tdap, HPV, and MCV.” With an HPV vaccine series completion rate of 81%, Gifford Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine is also Vermont’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


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Washington | Wisconsin | Wyoming


Polyclinic Pediatrics, Madison Center

Polyclinic Pediatrics, Madison Center
Seattle, WA

Polyclinic Pediatrics at the Madison Center location in Seattle is a general pediatric clinic with 12 pediatricians centered within a large, urban multi-specialty group in downtown Seattle. With leadership from Dr. Sherri Zorn, Polyclinic Pediatrics is well known for its innovative and collaborative efforts to support HPV vaccination.

Polyclinic Pediatrics uses several strategies to avoid missed opportunities and reach patients who are either due or overdue for vaccines. The staff sends monthly recall letters (generated through the state immunization registry) for patients ages 12.75-17 years who are overdue for their second or third dose. The staff also regularly sends quarterly emails and phone call reminders to patients who are overdue for their annual well child exam. They hang posters in the lobby and customized posters in every exam room to educate parents and patients on the importance of HPV vaccination and following the recommended immunization schedule. In addition, all pediatric providers strongly recommend HPV vaccine at age 9-10 years.

Polyclinic Pediatrics is also a key partner in regional and statewide efforts to promote HPV vaccination. The staff at Polyclinic Pediatrics have participated in multiple initiatives to build support for HPV vaccination and increase vaccination rates, including the Adolescent Immunization Learning Collaborative Steering Committee; Best Starts for Kids Adolescent Immunization Program; the Washington State HPV Task Force; and the National Immunization Partnership with the APA (NIPA) Quality Improvement Learning Collaborative focused on improving HPV immunization coverage.

Polyclinic Pediatrics is now in the process of sharing their expertise about HPV vaccination with family medicine, internal medicine, and OB/GYN providers within the larger Polyclinic system and with staff at the Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. For these extensive efforts, combined with an HPV vaccine series completion rate of 84%, Polyclinic Pediatrics is Washington State’s 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion!


Raj Naik, MD, FAAP

Raj Naik, MD, FAAP
La Crosse, WI

As a pediatrician at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in La Crosse, WI since 1999, Dr. Raj Naik has been an immunization champion for over 15 years. A current contributor on the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), Dr. Naik has specialized his interests in pediatrics to influence quality improvement of HPV vaccine rates.

Dr. Naik integrated the CASE method (Corroborate, About Me, Science, Explain), to offer real-time support to providers addressing issues related to HPV vaccine hesitancy. The CASE method is an effective model used to persuade vaccine hesitant parents to accept vaccines. Dr. Naik developed electronic medical record (EMR) prompts for providers to address common HPV myths with patients based on the CASE approach to address common concerns. He has also worked diligently to develop a centralized process for electronic alerts and reminders to improve pediatric immunization rates.

Dr. Naik makes sure his entire staff is educated about HPV vaccination using the CASE approach. He has presented on this approach for improving HPV immunization rates at several symposiums, including the 2017 Wisconsin HPV Summit, the 2017 Institute for Healthcare Improvement National Forum, and at Epic’s annual conference of healthcare providers in 2017.

Dr. Naik’s innovative approaches to educate parents and patients about HPV vaccination has resulted in a series completion rate of 92% for adolescent patients in his practice, making him the 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion for Wisconsin!


Uinta County Public Health Nursing Service, Lyman Office

Uinta County Public Health Nursing Service, Lyman Office
Lyman, Wyoming

The Uinta County Public Health Nursing Service, Lyman Office is a complete health clinic for people in the communities within Bridger Valley, a rural area in the southwest corner of Wyoming. The staff have embraced HPV immunization as a personal responsibility, especially since they are one of the few healthcare providers in the community.

Twice a year, the clinic sends letters to parents/guardians of 11 and 12-year-old patients, notifying them of which adolescent immunizations their child is due. This is in addition to monthly reminder/recall efforts in conjunction with the Wyoming Immunization Registry (WyIR). The clinic staff also checks immunization records in the WyIR for all patients, regardless of the reason they are visiting.

The clinic staff performs significant outreach to other healthcare providers in Bridger Valley, as well. They collaborate with providers offering adolescent sports physicals, to ensure patients are receiving needed immunizations before the school year begins. In 2018, the clinic began to distribute “prescription pads” to other providers in the community who do not carry vaccines themselves. These pads refer patients to the Lyman office for immunizations, including the HPV vaccine.

The Uinta County Public Health Nursing Service have embraced HPV immunization as a personal responsibility. They have truly embraced the idea that their “work is never done.” The efforts of the entire staff shows success with an HPV vaccine series completion rate of 96%, which makes Uinta County Public Health Nursing Service, Lyman Office, the 2018 HPV Vaccine Is Cancer Prevention Champion for the state of Wyoming!