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Tony Richardson Video Transcript

Video Description: This video shows NFL Pro Bowler Tony Richardson talking to his computer’s camera to record a selfie video.

Tony Richardson:

The most challenging thing that I faced during the COVID-19 was I think just being alone.

The walls were starting to come in on me. But I think the more I started to communicate with my friends and my family, I started to really get back to who I am.

So I think as a community and as friends, we got to continue to keep checking on one another, making that phone calls, just like, "Hey, just want to hear your voice. Just want to see how you're doing." We're going to come out of this stronger.

We just have to band together and we just have to stay strong. And I would just encourage you to keep reaching out to people in your network and just reach out and love on them.

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Page Last Reviewed: April 16, 2021

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