How Are You Feeling These Days?

We have made it through so much. Sometimes we still feel stressed or anxious. Remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day that could bring new celebrations and challenges.

Scroll down and use the feelings words to find trusted resources that can help us through the range of emotions we all face.

Truthfully, how are you feeling today?

Start a Conversation

Sharing concerns and challenges with your community helps relieve stress and build resilience. Use these tools to start a conversation together.

Looking for motivation?

We are all in this together. Hear from people who have found ways to feel better in hard times.

Resources that can help

These resources include tools and information to help us cope and be resilient.

About the Campaign

How Right Now is a communications campaign designed to promote and strengthen the emotional well-being and resiliency of populations adversely affected by COVID-19–related stress, grief, and loss. Support for the campaign is provided by CDC and the CDC Foundation.

Page Last Reviewed: April 26, 2022

Need Help Right Now?

Don’t know where to turn? Find support right now.

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