Home Specimen Collection

A home specimen collection kit can be used to test for HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI). Home collection kits can be ordered by physicians and are covered by most insurance plans. Some laboratories (such as Molecular Testing LabsTMexternal icon) have validated protocols for testing home-collected samples for the panel of tests required for those initiating or continuing PrEP.

Specimen kits are mailed to the patient’s home and contain supplies to collect blood from a fingerstick or other appropriate method (e.g. self-collected swabs and urine). The kit is then mailed back to the lab with test results returned to the clinician who acts on results accordingly. This laboratory-conducted test is sensitive enough to detect recent HIV infection.

More information on home specimen collection kits for HIV and other tests required for PrEP patients will be added to this Web page as it becomes available, including additional laboratories providing this service.


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