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CDC Consultations on Determination of Need Requests

Under the Consolidated Appropriation Act of 2016, federal law permits use of funds from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to support syringe service programs with the exception that funds may not be used to purchase needles or syringes. In order to use DHHS funds for this purpose, eligible state, local, tribal, and territorial health departments must first consult with CDC and provide evidence that their jurisdiction is experiencing or at risk for significant increases in hepatitis infections or an HIV outbreak due to injection drug use. The table below lists jurisdictions that have consulted CDC and have been determined to have adequately demonstrated need according to federal law, along with contact information for the point of contact regarding the determination of need for that jurisdiction.

Jurisdictions Determined to be Experiencing or At-risk of Significant Increases in Hepatitis Infection or an HIV Outbreak Due to Injection Drug Use Following CDC Consultation

States/territories = 33
Select counties = 7

Jurisdictions Determined to be Experiencing or At-risk of Significant Increases in Hepatitis Infection or an HIV Outbreak Due to Injection Drug Use Following CDC Consultation
(cities and counties, if applicable)
Date of CDC concurrence Jurisdictional point of contact Email
Alaska statewide January 18, 2017 Susan A. Jones
California statewide August 12, 2016 Alessandra Ross
Colorado statewide June 10, 2016 Andrés Guerrero
Connecticut statewide April 5, 2017 Marianne Buchelli
Delaware (select counties)
  • Kent County
December 2, 2016 Bob Vella
  • Sussex County
December 2, 2016 Bob Vella
Hawaii February 7, 2018 Thaddeus Pham
Illinois statewide October 27, 2017 Curt Hicks
Indiana statewide October 7, 2016 Dennis Stover
Iowa statewide December 4, 2017 Randy Mayer
Kentucky statewide September 9, 2016 Karen Sams
Louisiana statewide January 18, 2017 Sam Burgess
Maryland statewide June 17, 2016 Kip Castner
Massachusetts statewide June 17, 2016 Annette Rockwell
or Dawn Fukuda,
Michigan statewide June 10, 2016 Joe Coyle
Minnesota statewide August 19, 2016 Kathy Chinn or
Errol Saunders
Montana statewide May 4, 2018 Dana Fejes
Nevada statewide October 3, 2017 Lyell Collins
New Hampshire statewide October 27, 2017 Lindsay Pierce
New Jersey statewide June 17, 2016 Steven Saunders
New York statewide May 26, 2017 Allan Clear
North Carolina statewide February 24, 2017 Aaron Fleischauer
North Dakota statewide June 16, 2017 Lindsey VanderBusch
Ohio (select counties)
  • Cuyahoga County
December 2, 2016 Terry Allan
  • Lorain County
October 23, 2017 David Covell
Oregon statewide October 20, 2017 Judith Leahy or
Joshua Ferrer
Pennsylvania statewide June 24, 2016 Charlie Howsare
Puerto Rico February 13, 2017 Javier Vazquez Melendez
Rhode Island statewide December 2, 2016 Jamie Comella
Tennessee statewide August 29, 2017 Allison Sanders
Utah statewide June 17, 2016 Heather Bush
Vermont statewide June 17, 2016 Patsy Kelso
Washington statewide June 17, 2016 Tim Candela
Virginia statewide March 22, 2017 Bruce Taylor
West Virginia statewide
  • Berkeley County
June 10, 2016 Sandy Graham or Pam Reynolds,
  • Cabell County and City of Huntington
September 9, 2016 Michael E. Kilkenny
  • Kanawha County
June 17, 2016 Sandy Graham or Pam Reynolds,
  • All other counties
April 14, 2017 Sandy Graham or Pam Reynolds,
Wisconsin statewide September 9, 2016 Jim Vergeront
Wyoming statewide September 22, 2017 Brittany Wardle

Information current as of May 8, 2018.