National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day – February 7

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Let's Stop HIV Together.

February 7 is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (NBHAAD). Share the social media posts below to help spark conversations about HIV and highlight progress being made to reduce HIV among Black or African American (hereafter referred to as Black) people. You can also share Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign resources for Black audiences.

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Progress and Resilience

Black communities have made great progress in reducing HIV. Yet, issues such as racism, discrimination, and mistrust in the health care system may affect whether Black people seek or receive HIV prevention services. These issues may also reduce the likelihood of engaging in HIV treatment and care. To continue to reduce the burden of HIV and other health risks, people need adequate housing and transportation, employment, access to culturally competent health services that are free of stigma and discrimination, and more.

Together, when we work to overcome structural barriers to HIV testingprevention, and treatment, and stop HIV stigma, we help reduce HIV-related disparities and health inequities in Black communities.

Social Media Posts

Promoting NBHAAD (February 7)


Post 1:

Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, a day to acknowledge progress in HIV prevention and care among Black/African American people, while recognizing the work still needed. To #StopHIVTogether, we must address HIV stigma and barriers. #NBHAAD

Post 2:

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (Feb 7) is a day to address the impact of HIV on Black communities. Together, we can make HIV Black history by working to overcome structural barriers to HIV testing, prevention, and treatment. #NBHAAD #StopHIVTogether


Post 1:

Hoy es el Día Nacional de Concientización sobre el VIH/SIDA, un día para reconocer el progreso en la prevención y atención del VIH entre la raza negra y los afroamericanos. #DetengamosJuntosElVIH, el estigma y las barreras del VIH. #NBHAAD

Post 2:

El Día Nacional de Concientización sobre el VIH/SIDA entre las Personas de Raza Negra (7 de feb) es para abordar el impacto del VIH. Juntos podemos hacer historia en comunidades negras al superar las barreras a pruebas, prevención, y tratamiento del VIH.  #DetengamosJuntosElVIH #NBHAAD

Promoting HIV Testing, Prevention, and Treatment, and Stopping HIV Stigma

You have the power to take charge of your HIV status on your time, in your space. This National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, learn more about HIV self-tests: #NBHAAD #StopHIVTogether

There are more options than ever to prevent HIV. Is PrEP right for you? This National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, learn more about your prevention options:   #NBHAAD #StopHIVTogether

When I started PrEP, I was in a relationship.
We were at a point in our relationship where the conversation came up.
I was madly in love with the person. I decided to try PrEP.
I've stayed on PrEP since because I want to have control over my sexual health.
For me, PrEP is a tool that helps me have peace of mind.
My PrEP journey. That's why I started PrEP.

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The H in HIV stands for human. HIV can affect anyone regardless of their sexual orientation, race, gender, or age. This #NBHAAD, let’s educate ourselves and one another about the facts and #StopHIVStigma. Learn how: #StopHIVTogether

Did you know PrEP is for women, too? PrEP is a highly effective option to prevent HIV when taken as prescribed. This National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, learn more about adding PrEP to your sexual health toolbox:  #NBHAAD #StopHIVTogether #ShesWell

Being undetectable IS HIV prevention. Keeping an undetectable viral load keeps you healthy and prevents you from transmitting HIV to your sexual partners. #NBHAAD #StopHIVTogether #UequalsU

Black communities have made great progress in reducing HIV. Yet to #StopHIVTogether, we must confront issues such as racism and discrimination that prevent many Black people from accessing HIV testing, prevention, and treatment. #NBHAAD

Clinicians Supporting NBHAAD

Clinicians: PrEP protects patients from HIV, but it’s prescribed at a lower rate for Black Americans. We must address systemic social and health inequities to #StopHIVTogether. This #NBHAAD, learn more about prescribing PrEP:

Médicos: La PrEP protege a los pacientes afroamericanos contra el VIH, pero se receta en tasas más bajas. #DetengamosJuntosElVIH abordando las desigualdades sistémicas sociales y de salud. Este #NBHAAD, aprende más sobre cómo recetar la PrEP.

About Let’s Stop HIV Together

CDC’s Let’s Stop HIV Together (Together) campaign is the national campaign of the Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. (EHE) initiative and the National HIV/AIDS StrategyTogether is an evidence-based campaign created in English and Spanish. It aims to empower communities, partners, and health care providers to reduce HIV stigma and promote HIV testingprevention, and treatment.