Translation and Evaluation Branch

Mission Statement

To improve HIV-related health outcomes and achieve health equity for US populations, at an individual, community, and national level through the translation, dissemination, and evaluation of public health programs, strategies, and research.

Core Activities

The Translation and Evaluation Branch’s core activities fall into three categories: evaluating CDC-funded national HIV programs, reporting on national HIV prevention progress, and translating research into practice.

For national level HIV prevention program evaluation of CDC-funded programs:

  • Primary data collection from health department and CBO programs
  • Development and implementation of strategies, plans, and materials for program monitoring and evaluate
  • Training and technical assistance to grantees and DHP staff on program evaluation
  • Routine and ad hoc reporting and publication on CDC’s prevention program response to the epidemic

For national HIV prevention progress reporting:

  • Integration of data from a variety of sources to provide comprehensive reporting on programmatic impact
  • Extensive collaboration across DHP branches and with other federal agencies to collect and interpret relevant and critical impact and outcome measures

For translation of research into practice:

  • Extensive collaboration across DHP branches and offices as well as other federal agencies in the implementation of the DHP Research to Practice framework.
  • Prioritization of HIV prevention and treatment research to make recommendations on those interventions and strategies that have sufficient reach, are efficacious, are cost-effective, and can be implemented by DHP funding recipients or other key stakeholder groups.
  • Dissemination planning for interventions and strategies selected by DHP leadership for broad dissemination.
  • Evaluation of the Research to Practice framework based on current dissemination science findings and techniques.
  • Synthesizes from multiple data sources the prevention and treatment needs of the HIV prevention and treatment providers.
  • Summarizes and synthesizes the HIV literature into practical information
  • Improve the transparency, validity, reliability, and applicability of DHP guidelines by ensuring that they follow CDC’s guideline development standards


This webpage includes reports on evaluation, funding allocations, policy, prevention, research, surveillance, and testing.