ORISE Q&As: Insurance Questions

Is health insurance a requirement of the program?

Yes, the Terms of Fellowship Appointment require that fellows have coverage under a health insurance plan.

Is health insurance available through ORISE?

Yes, all fellows are eligible for ORISE health insurance, or they may purchase insurance elsewhere. Inclusion of insurance as part of your stipend payment depends on your CDC research program.

How much is ORISE health insurance, and what does it include?

Please see the Participant Program Health Insurance Page for additional information.

How soon does the ORISE health insurance become effective?

If a fellow does not have coverage at the start of the appointment, the effective date will be the first day of the fellowship appointment. If this is a change from another insurance company, then the effective date will be the day after the other insurance ends unless a fellow requests an earlier effective date.

When are health insurance cards mailed?

It takes about two weeks to get the insurance card in the mail.

Why would two insurance premiums be deducted from a fellow’s first stipend

This depends on when in the month the coverage takes effect. If the coverage takes effect during the first 15 days of a month, the fellow must pay for the current month and the next month, since premiums are paid in advance. However, if the coverage begins after the 15th, then the fellow only pays the one premium for the next month.