About the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention

Most of CDC’s HIV/AIDS prevention efforts are the responsibility of the Office of Infectious Diseases National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP). Within this Center is the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention (DHAP), charged with the mission of preventing HIV infection and reducing the incidence of HIV-related illness and death.

Office of the Director
  • Director: Demetre Daskalakis, MD, MPH
    Guides the Division in providing national leadership and support for HIV epidemiologic research and surveillance of the behaviors and determinants of HIV transmission and disease progression, and for prevention research and the development, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based HIV prevention programs that serve people affected by or at risk for HIV infection.
  • Deputy Director for Public Health Operations: Renata Ellington
    Ensures all public health operations activities related to intramural and extramural projects and activities of the Division are accomplished.
  • Associate Director for Data Management: Gail Scogin
    Principal public health informatics and business advisor to the DHAP Director, Deputy Directors, and other senior DHAP staff on the development, support, application, standardization, and integration of public health information and surveillance systems and on the application of information technology to public health programs within the division.
  • Associate Director for Health Equity: Donna Hubbard McCree, PhD, MPH
    Coordinates and monitors the Division’s activities related to reducing health inequities among populations most disproportionately affected by HIV and AIDS, including, but not limited to, African Americans, Latinos, gay and bisexual men, transgender people, and injection drug users.
  • Associate Director for Policy, Planning, and Communications: Laura Eastham, MPH
    Provides internal policy and planning guidance and support; identifies and promotes potential legislation, policies, and plans supportive of HIV prevention programs and practices; and publishes guidelines and recommendations to support evidence-based programs, practices, and services.
  • Associate Director for Science: Linda Valleroy, PhD
    Promotes excellence in science by ensuring the scientific accuracy of major written communications concerning the Division’s work.
  • Senior Medical Advisor: John Brooks, MD
    Advises the Office of the Director on all clinical aspects of the Division’s research and program activities as well as strategic planning.
  • Senior Advisor: Wendy Lyon
  • Senior Advisor, Strategic Indicators: Norma Harris, MSPH, PhD
Behavioral and Social Science
  • Deputy Director for Behavioral and Social Science: David Purcell, JD, PhD
  • Branch Chief, Prevention Communication Branch: Jo Ellen Stryker, PhD
  • Branch Chief, Prevention Research Branch: Linda Koenig, PhD
  • Branch Chief, Program Evaluation Branch: Lisa Belcher
  • Branch Chief, Quantitative Sciences and Data Management Branch: Cynthia Lyles
Prevention Programs
  • Deputy Director for Prevention Programs: Janet C. Cleveland
  • Branch Chief, Capacity Building Branch: A.D McNaghten, PhD
  • Branch Chief, Prevention Program Branch Stanley Phillip
Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Science
  • Deputy Director for Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Laboratory Science: Irene Hall, PhD
  • Branch Chief, Behavioral and Clinical Surveillance Branch: Joseph (Buzz) Prejean, PhD
  • Branch Chief Epidemiology Branch: Athena Kourtis
  • Branch Chief, HIV Incidence and Case Surveillance Branch: Angela Hernandez, MD, MPH
  • Branch Chief, Laboratory Branch: Walid Heneine, PhD