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2011 HCV Symposium

This symposium was titled “Identification, Screening and Surveillance of HCV Infections in the Era of Improved Therapy for Hepatitis C”. It was held December 1 and 2, 2011 at the CDC’s Roybal Campus in Atlanta.

Thursday, December 1st

11:00 a.m.Registration and refreshments
Introductory Session: The Era of Improved Therapy Dawns (Chair: John Ward)
12.30 p.mWelcome
John Ward (CDC, Atlanta, GA)
12:35 p.m.Towards eradication: mission possible
Raymond Schinazi (Emory University/VAMC, Atlanta, GA)
12:55 p.m.Imperatives for improving screening and surveillance [PDF - 14 pages]
John Ward (CDC, Atlanta, GA)
Session I: Broaden and enhance screening quality and access (Chair: John Ward)
1:10 p.m.Point-of-care and rapid antibody testing [PDF - 16 pages]
Bryce Smith (CDC, Atlanta, GA)
1:25 p.m.Q & A
1:35 p.m.Performance of a rapid test for antibody [PDF - 18 pages]
Stephen Lee (OraSure Technologies, Bethlehem, PA)
1:50 p.m.Q & A
2:00 p.m.Antibody testing and NAT in oral fluid and dried-blood spots [PDF - 30 pages]
John Parry (Health Protection Agency, London, UK)
2:15 p.m.Q & A
2:25 p.m.Utility and future of immunoblot antibody assays [PDF - 19 pages]
Anders Widell (University Hospital, Malmo, Sweden)
2:40 p.m.Q & A
2:50 p.m.Core antigen testing [PDF - 30 pages]
George Dawson (Abbott, Abbott Park, IL)
3:05 p.m.Q & A
3:15 p.m.Molecular biosensors for antigen and antibody testing [PDF - 40 pages]
Yie-Hwa Chang (Mediomics, St. Louis, MO)
3:30 p.m.Q & A
3:40 p.m.Break
4:00 p.m.Prevalence, incidence and molecular characteristics in blood donors [PDF - 48 pages]
Michael Busch (Blood Systems Research Institute, San Francisco, CA)
4:15 p.m.Q &A
4:25 p.m.NATs for organ-donor screening [PDF - 20 pages]
Angela Caliendo (Emory University, Atlanta, GA)
4:40 p.m.Q & A
4:50 p.m.Molecular surveillance based on mass-spectrophotometry [PDF - 18 pages]
Lilia Ganova-Raeva (CDC, Atlanta, GA)
5:05 p.m.Q & A
5:15 p.m.Detection of IFN/RBV resistance [PDF - 15 pages]
James Lara (CDC, Atlanta, GA)
5:30 p.m.Q & A
5:40 p.m.Resistance in the era of protease inhibitors and the battle for cure below the limit of detection [PDF - 19 pages]
Ann Kwong (Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA)
5:55 p.m.Q & A
6:05 p.m.Roundtable
Moderator: Scott Holmberg (CDC, Atlanta, GA)
Panelists: Maria Prins (Amsterdam Public Health Service, The Netherlands); Rick Pesano (Quest Diagnostics, San Juan Capistrano, CA); Evangelista Sagnelli (Second University of Naples, Italy)
6:45 p.m.Summing up
John Ward and Chong-Gee Teo (CDC, Atlanta)
7:00 p.m.Adjourn

Friday, December 2nd

Session II: Refine diagnosis and surveillance of acute infection (Chair: Chong-Gee Teo)
08:30 a.m.Antibody dynamics in acute infection [PDF - 21 pages]
Lia Lewis-Xmenez (Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
08:45 a.m.Q & A
08:55 a.m.Window-phase detection by lymphocyte stimulation [PDF - 24 pages]
Tamar Jehuda-Cohen (SMART Biotech Ltd, Rehovot, Israel)
09:10 a.m.Q & A
09:20 a.m.Antibody avidity and antigen-specific antibody profiling [PDF - 26 pages]
Aufra Araujo (CDC, Atlanta, GA)
09:35 a.m.Q & A
09:45 a.m.Break
10:00 a.m.Primary, post-primary and non-specific IgM responses [PDF - 16 pages]
Lynn Dustin (Rockefeller University, NYC, NY)
10:15 a.m.Q & A
10:25 a.m.Anti-HCV IgM detection using reporter molecule generated by directed molecular evolution [PDF - 30 pages]
Wei Pan (Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China)
10:40 a.m.Q & A
10:50 a.m.Clinical applications of antibody avidity and IgM testing [PDF - 27 pages]
Evangelista Sagnelli (Second University of Naples, Italy)
11:05 a.m.Q & A
11:15 a.m.Superinfection and reinfection [PDF - 31 pages]
Jason Blackard (University of Cincinnati, OH)
11:30 a.m.Q & A
11:40 a.m.Roundtable
Moderator: Brian Edlin (State University of New York Downstate College of Medicine) Panelists: Jane Getchell (APHL, Silver Spring, MD); George Dawson (Abbott, Abbott Park, IL); Saleem Kamili (CDC, Atlanta, GA)
12:30 p.m.Lunch
Session III: Improve tracking of transmissions (Chair: Geoff Beckett)
1:15 p.m.Current trends and challenges [PDF - 27 pages]
Scott Holmberg (CDC, Atlanta GA)
1:30 p.m.Q & A
1:40 p.m.Identification and prevention of new infections in at-risk groups [PDF - 40 pages]
Maria Prins (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
1:55 p.m.Q & A
2:05 p.m.Standards for molecular epidemiological analyses [PDF - 28 pages]
Yuri Khudyakov (CDC, Atlanta, GA)
2:20 p.m.Q & A
Session IV: Opportunities to improve testing and reporting (Chair: Geoff Beckett)
2:30 p.m.Public health perspectives [PDF - 15 pages]
Jane Getchell (APHL, Silver Spring, MI)
2:45 p.m.Q & A
2:55 p.m.Commercial laboratory perspectives: LabCorp [PDF - 13 pages]
Richard Smith (National Genetics Institute, Los Angeles, CA)
3:05 p.m.Q & A
3:15 p.m.Commercial laboratory perspectives: Quest [PDF - 11 pages]
Rick Pesano (Quest Diagnostics, San Juan Capistrano, CA)
3:30 p.m.Q & A
3:40 p.m.Roundtable
Moderator: Alfred DeMaria (Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Jamaica Plain, MA) Panelists: John Ward (CDC, Atlanta, CDC); Scott Holmberg (CDC, Atlanta, GA), Anders Widell (University Hospital, Malmo, Sweden)
4:15 p.m.Summing up
John Ward and Chong-Gee Teo (CDC, Atlanta)
4:30 p.m.Adjourn

Speakers and roundtable discussants

Aufra Araujo, CDC, Atlanta, GA
Geoff Beckett, CDC, Atlanta, GA
Jason Blackard, University of Cincinnati, OH
Angela Caliendo, Emory U, Atlanta, GA
Yie-Hwa Chang, Mediomics, St. Louis, MO
Andrew Conrad, LabCorp, Los Angeles, CA
George Dawson, Abbott Diagnostics, Abbott Park, IL
Alfred DeMaria, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Jamaica Plain, MA
Adrian DiBiscegli, Washington University, St Loius, MO
Lynn Dustin, Rockefeller University, New York, NY
Brian Edlin, Cornell University
Lilia Ganova-Raeva, CDC, Atlanta, GA
Jane Getchell, Association of Public Health Laboratories, Silver Spring, MD
David Gretch, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Scott Holmberg, CDC, Atlanta, GA
Dale Hu, CDC, Atlanta GA
Tamar Jehuda-Cohen, SMART Biotech Ltd, Rehovot, Israel
Yuri Khudyakov, CDC, Atlanta, GA
Ann Kwong, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, MA
James Lara, CDC, Atlanta, GA
Lia Lewis-Ximenez, Oswaldo Cruz Institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Wei Pan, Second Military Medical University, Shanghai, China
John Parry, Health Protection Agency, London, UK
Maria Prins, Amsterdam Public Health Service, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Evangelista Sagnelli, Second University of Naples, Italy
Raymond Schinazi, Emory University/Veterans Administration Medical Center, Atlanta, GA
Bryce Smith, CDC, Atlanta, GA,
Chong-Gee Teo, CDC, Atlanta, GA
John Ward, CDC, Atlanta, GA
Anders Widell, University Hospital, Malmo, Sweden