Laws Related to Syringe Exchange

The information presented is not legal advice and categorizing laws in this way is subject to reviewer interpretation; it is not a comprehensive analysis of all the legal provisions that could implicate the legality of access to clean needles and syringes in a given jurisdiction. To view information for each state and the District of Columbia (DC), hover over a state on the map or view the table below.

This map provides an assessment of whether a state or DC law exists that authorizes syringe exchange statewide. One of three categories is indicated for each:

Yes: State has a law authorizing syringe exchange statewide
Limited: State has a law authorizing syringe exchange in a limited area (e.g. one county) or under limited circumstances (e.g. public health emergency)
No: State has neither a statewide, nor limited syringe exchange program.  Note, local jurisdictions might have implemented different laws or policies that are not captured in this assessment.