Viral Hepatitis Prevention Point of Contact List

In support of CDC Cooperative Agreement CDC-RFA-PS17-1702: Improving Hepatitis B and C Care Cascades; Focus on Increased Testing and Diagnosis

State/City Program Manager /
E-mail Phone Website
Viral Hepatitis Prevention Point of Contact List
Alabama Ronada Anderson 334-206-7974 WebsiteExternal
Alaska Rebekah Clark 907-269-8008 WebsiteExternal
Arizona Elizabeth Kim 602-542-4077 WebsiteExternal
Arkansas Courtney Hampton 501-661-2749 WebsiteExternal
California Rachel McLean 510-620-3403 WebsiteExternal
Chicago Nakia Jones 312-746-4680 WebsiteExternal
Colorado Christopher Grano 303-692-2729 WebsiteExternal
Connecticut Andrea Lombard 860-509-7768 WebsiteExternal
District of
Gerald Thompson 202-671-5093 WebsiteExternal
Delaware Alethea A. Miller 302-744-1052 WebsiteExternal
Florida Thomas Bendle 850-245-4426 WebsiteExternal
Prevention planExternal
Georgia Shayna Jefferson-Williams 404-657-3171 WebsiteExternal
Hawaii Thaddeus K. Pham 808-733-9298 WebsiteExternal
Prevention planExternal
Houston* Jon-Michael Gillispie 832-393-4720 WebsiteExternal
Idaho Kimberly Matulonis-Edgar 208-334-5518 WebsiteExternal
Illinois* Lesli J. Choat

Judy Kauerauf  (Section Chief)



Prevention planExternal
Indiana Sherika Sides 317-234-9708 WebsiteExternal
Iowa Biz McChesney 515-242-5838 WebsiteExternal
Prevention planCdc-pdfExternal
Kansas* Dominique Saunders 785-296-0752 WebsiteExternal
Kentucky Amanda Wilburn (Interim Contact) 502-564-3261 x4297 WebsiteExternal
Los Angeles* Tonia Smith 213-250-8602 WebsiteExternal
Louisiana Emilia Myers 504-568-7474 WebsiteExternal
Maine Jeff Caulfield 207-287-3817 WebsiteExternal
Maryland Kirstie Neal 410-767-4661 WebsiteExternal
Massachusetts Sophie Lewis 617-624-5366 WebsiteExternal
Michigan Teresa Wong 517-284-4932 WebsiteExternal
Minnesota Kristin Sweet (Interim Contact) 651-201-4888 WebsiteExternal
Mississippi Belinda Havard 601-432-4860 WebsiteExternal
Missouri Christine Smith (Interim Contact) 573-751-6431 WebsiteExternal
Montana Dana Fejes 406-444-2457 WebsiteExternal
Nebraska Tammy Wenz 402-471-8252 WebsiteExternal
Nevada Elizabeth Kessler 775-684-5997 WebsiteExternal
New Hampshire Nicholas Labrie 603-271-4492 WebsiteExternal
New Jersey Laura Taylor 609-826-5964 WebsiteExternal
New Mexico Joshua Swatek 505-827-2106 WebsiteExternal
New York City Nirah Johnson 347-396-2416 WebsiteExternal
New York State* Colleen Flanigan 518-486-6806 WebsiteExternal
Prevention planExternal
North Carolina Dianne D. Brewer

Christie Caputo (Program Manager) 919-546-1694


North Dakota Sarah Weninger 701-328-2366 WebsiteExternal
Ohio Laurie Rickert (Program Supervisor) 614-466-1411 WebsiteExternal
Oklahoma Sally Bouse 405-271-4636 WebsiteExternal
Oregon Judith Leahy 971-673-1130 WebsiteExternal
Pennsylvania Lauren Torso Orkis 215-685-6462 WebsiteExternal
Philadelphia Jack Hildick-Smith 215-685-6462 WebsiteExternal
Rhode Island Thomas E. Bertrand 401-222-4655 WebsiteExternal
South Carolina Zakiya Grubbs

Tony Price (Prevention Program Manager)

Pam Davis (HIV/Viral Hepatitis Program Manager)




Tennessee Cathy Goff 865-549-5384 WebsiteExternal
Texas Sainabou Katende 512-533-3098 WebsiteExternal
Prevention planExternal
Utah Heather E. Bush 801-538-6194 WebsiteExternal
Vermont Song Nguyen 802-951-4065 WebsiteExternal
Virginia Rachel Stallings 804-864-7992 WebsiteExternal
Washington Jonathan Stockton 360-236-3421 WebsiteExternal
West Virginia Maria C. del Rosario (Interim Contact) 304-558-5358 WebsiteExternal
Wisconsin Sheila M. Guilfoyle 608-266-5819 WebsiteExternal
Wyoming Courtney Smith 307-777-2434 WebsiteExternal

* Not funded under CDC PS17-1702 Cooperative Agreement, but still included here as a point of contact in state/city for viral hepatitis.