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African American Hepatitis C Action Day – July 25th

Logo for African American Hepatitis C Action Day – July 25th

July 25th is the third annual National African American Hepatitis C Action Day (NAAHCA). On this day, CDC and its public health partners will join the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc. (NBLCA) to help promote the day in an effort to educate African Americans about the seriousness of Hepatitis C.  Hepatitis C is a silent epidemic in the United States, with around 3 million people living with chronic hepatitis C.  Most are unaware they are infected.

Facts About Hepatitis C

  • Can cause serious liver damage, liver disease and even liver cancer.
  • Is a leading cause of liver transplants
  • During 2008 through 2012, non-Hispanic blacks ages 50 to 64 years (born 1955 – 1965) had higher rates of liver cancer than other ethnic groups.
  • More than 75% of adults with Hepatitis C are baby boomers (people born from 1945 to1965).
  • Baby boomers are five times more likely to be infected with Hepatitis C

July 25th provides an opportunity to educate everyone about how to prevent Hepatitis C and the importance of getting tested if you belong to a risk group. To find out if you could be at risk for Hepatitis C (or other types of hepatitis) take CDC’s 5 minute Hepatitis Risk Assessment.

Take Action

National African American Hepatitis C Action Day is a good reminder to learn about this serious disease.  Numerous tools are available to help public health partners promote their events, including a toolkit.  We encourage you to use and share the toolkit and the Risk Assessment as you plan your events for July 25th and throughout the year.