Resources for Public Health Professionals

American Heart Month 2022

Feeling the pressure? We can help. Blood pressure control is possible.

Public health professionals, including community health workers and employees from federal, state, and local health organizations, are in a unique position to help raise awareness that hypertension control is possible.

The data, statistics, and strategies found in this toolkit can support their important efforts to improve hypertension rates in their communities.

Who Should Use This Toolkit?

The tools and resources in this toolkit are designed to help public health professionals promote the use of effective hypertension control strategies in their communities.

How Do I Use This Toolkit?

  • Read and incorporate evidence-based policy tools and guides into your organization.
  • Link to data and maps that highlight the burden of hypertension and successful interventions.
  • Share messages and graphics with individuals and patients in your social networks.
  • Use these tools in tandem with the actions recommended in The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Control Hypertension.

Public Health Tools and Resources

Explore policy tools and guides that can help public health professionals manage their communities’ cardiovascular health.

Communication Tools
Health Equity Tools
Evidence-Based Policy Tools
Hypertension Maps, Data, and Statistical Reports

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Feeling the pressure? @CDCHeart_Stroke can help. Take charge of #hypertension control in your community with these toolkits. #HeartMonth

It’s never too early to make heart-healthy choices. This #HeartMonth, learn how to prevent and manage cardiovascular disease (#CVD) with toolkits from @CDCHeart_Stroke.

With partnership and focus, we can make #hypertension control possible in our communities. CDC is here to help. Start with these #HeartMonth toolkits.

It’s a common misconception that cardiovascular disease (#CVD) occurs only in older adults—but data show that younger populations are increasingly affected by CVD. Help improve heart health in your community w/ #HeartMonth resources from @CDCHeart_Stroke.

Disparities in cardiovascular disease (#CVD) prevention, detection, and control persist among non-Hispanic Blacks and other minority groups. Use hypertension toolkits from @CDCHeart_Stroke to help address #HealthEquity in your community. #HeartMonth

Feeling the pressure? CDC can help. Take charge of hypertension control in your community with these toolkits. #HeartMonth

Cardiovascular disease (#CVD) isn’t exclusive to older adults. Data show that CVD and CVD mortality are increasing among younger populations. Explore change packages, best practice guides, and other tools from CDC to help your team support CVD patients of all ages this #HeartMonth.

With partnership and focus, we can make #hypertension control possible in our communities. CDC is here to help. Start with these #HeartMonth toolkits.

No matter where you’re from or where you are, you can take steps toward heart health. Get shareable, evidence-based resources from CDC to help you manage cardiovascular disease (#CVD) in your community. #HeartMonth

1 in every 3 deaths in the United States is related to cardiovascular disease. Explore CDC’s #HeartMonth toolkits for evidence-based resources to support heart health in your community.

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Only half of adults in the United States ages 35 to 64 have their blood pressure under control. Explore CDC’s Resources for Public Health Professionals page, which provides trusted, evidence-based tools about hypertension control for public health professionals to share with their partners. Visit to learn more about the resources in CDC’s hypertension toolkits.

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Cardiovascular Disease Facts

Take Action

Download our hypertension control resources for you to share with individuals and patients in your practice.

Implement our clinical tools and resources on hypertension control into your practice, and share the tools with your team.