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Reporting Guidance

Per the Notice of the Award letters for Year 5 of Funding Opportunity Announcement PS13-1308, four reports are due during the twelve month budget period:

PS13-1308 Final 5-Year Report

The PS13-1308 Cooperative Agreement requires a final 5-year report for the time period August 1, 2013 – July 31, 2018. The final 5-year reporting documents must be submitted to your Grants Management Specialist via GrantSolutions by October 31, 2018. Read both the “1308 Close-Out Narrative” and the “1308 Close-out Checklist” for directions. Reporting documents are available at:

Final Performance Progress and Evaluation Report (PPER)

Final Performance Progress and Evaluation Report (PPER) should include the following:

  • Statement of progress made toward the achievement of originally stated aims
  • Description of results (positive or negative) considered significant
  • List of publications resulting from the project, with plans, if any, for further publication

The reporting timeframe for the PPER is August 1, 2013 through July 31, 2018.

Work Plan Status Report #1

Work Plan Status Report #1 should provide brief commentary addressing the following elements of each objective and activity:

  • Successes: Indication of the completion status of the goals, objectives, and activities of the Year 5 work plan (for example: met, in progress, or not met);
  • Challenges that hindered completion of the activities in the work plan through January 31, 2018;
  • CDC program support to awardees (a description of how CDC could assist you in overcoming any challenges); and
  • Evaluation results through January 31, 2018, if applicable.


Work Plan Status Report #1 should be uploaded through as a Correspondence.  Please name the Work Plan Status Report #1 as follows: “{Strategy} WPSR#1 Report Year 5 {Agency}.” Please provide a separate Work Plan Status Report #1 for each Strategy area for which you receive funding (Strategy 1: School-Based Surveillance; Strategy 2: School-Based HIV/STD Prevention; Strategy 3: Capacity Building Assistance for School-Based HIV/STD Prevention; and/or Strategy 4: School-Centered HIV/STD Prevention for Young Men Who Have Sex with Men).


For your convenience, older templates are provided below.

Work Plan Status Report #1