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A Drop of News (WBDOSS Newsletter)

A newsletter from the Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch , Division of Foodborne, Waterborne, and Environmental Diseases .

A Drop of News is a communication tool that has been created as a forum for highlighting state and local waterborne disease surveillance activities, and as a way to provide informal updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about waterborne disease and outbreak surveillance initiatives. This newsletter has been developed for waterborne disease outbreak coordinators at state health departments. Articles address this audience; however, public health professionals with other roles and responsibilities may be interested in the content of A Drop of News; contributions from both state and local health departments, as well as CDC partners, are welcomed.

This page provides direct access to past and current issues of A Drop of News. Issues of A Drop of News are available below in both the original PDF PDF File Policy and 508-compliant PDF formats (for screen readers, mobile devices, etc.).

Use the table of contents shown for each issue to find a specific article or topic. [Please note that the page numbers and associated content will differ between the regular and 508 documents, but the outline of contents provided is identical for both versions.]

A Drop of News - Current and Past Issues

February 2012 Issue

  • February 2012 (508 compliant) [PDF - 4 pages]

    Issue Contents

    1. Greetings
    2. Actions and Alerts
    3. New Drinking Water Epidemiologist
    4. Healthy Swimming Video Contest Winner
    5. National Ground Water Awareness Week 2012
    6. Recreational Water Illness and Injury Prevention Week 2012
    7. Ohio: Harmful Algal Bloom
    8. Model Aquatic Health Code
    9. Contact Us
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June 2011 Issue

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March 2010 Issue

  • March 2010 – Original [PDF - 10 pages]
  • March 2010 – Accessible (508 compliant) [PDF - 14 pages]

    Issue Contents

    1. Greetings
    2. Actions and Alerts
    3. Mark your Calendars!
    4. The Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch
    5. WASH Webinars
    6. Arizona — The Public Health Response to Three ‘Crypto’ Outbreaks in Maricopa County, 2008
    7. Dead-End Ultrafiltration in Waterborne Disease Outbreak Investigations
    8. Harmful Algal Bloom-related Illness Surveillance System (HABISS)
    9. Regionalization of the Environmental Legionellosis Response in New York State
    10. EHSNet-Water Receives Environmental Recognition Award
    11. South Carolina — A Successful Effort to Save a Recreational Waters Program
    12. Healthy Water Website — New Hygiene Section
    13. Ground Water Awareness Week and World Water Day, 2010
    14. 2007-2008 MMWR Surveillance Summaries
    15. Publications and Presentations
    16. Contacts
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April 2009 Issue

  • April 2009 – Original [PDF - 8 pages]
  • April 2009 – Accessible (508 compliant) [PDF - 13 pages]

    Issue Contents

    1. Greetings
    2. Actions and Alerts
    3. Mark your Calendars!
    4. EHSNet-Water: 2009 Vision Meeting
    5. The Healthy Water Website Goes Live
    6. Biofilms—Studying Opportunistic Pathogens in Potable Water
    7. Disinfection By-Products – Upcoming Gordon Research Conference
    8. Water Fluoridation 101
    9. Legionella in Healthcare Facilities—Evaluating the Impact of Monochloramine
    10. Salmonella Associated with a Spring-Fed Gravity Flow Water System
    11. Looking Ahead—The National Outbreak Reporting System
    12. Pool Chemicals—Guidelines for Injury Prevention
    13. NIOSH—Investigation of Employee Symptoms at an Indoor Waterpark
    14. CryptoNet—A Molecular Surveillance System for Cryptosporidiosis
    15. CryptoNet, continued—Request for Cryptosporidium-Positive Stool
    16. Publications and Presentations
    17. Contacts
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November 2008 Issue

  • November 2008 – Original [PDF - 10 pages]
  • November 2008 – Accessible (508 compliant) [PDF - 14 pages]

    Issue Contents

    1. Greetings
    2. Actions and Alerts
    3. Mark your Calendars
    4. New Drinking Water Epidemiologist in DPD
    5. 100 Years of Drinking Water Chlorination
    6. Drinking Water Advisories - A Toolkit for Success
    7. Total Coliform Rule Revisions
    8. Upcoming EPA Symposium
    9. Naegleria fowleri - CSTE Workgroup Update
    10. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) - Surveillance Report Updates
    11. New Web Site for Unexplained Respiratory Disease Outbreaks
    12. Coming Soon - The Healthy Water Web Site
    13. The Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) Program
    14. Outbreak Investigations - Cryptosporidiosis in New Mexico, 2008
    15. CDC Resources - Parasitic Disease and Healthy Swimming Public Inquiries
    16. Looking Ahead - The National Outbreak Reporting System (NORS)
    17. The Model Aquatic Health Code
    18. Publications and Presentations
    19. When the Well Runs Dry - Drought and Public Health
    20. Contacts
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June 2008 Issue

  • June 2008 – Original [PDF - 8 pages]
  • June 2008 – Accessible (508 compliant) [PDF - 12 pages]

    Issue Contents

    1. Greetings
    2. Actions and Alerts
    3. Mark your Calendars
    4. Health Communications: Community and Public Health Partnerships to Limit Outbreaks
    5. LAB NOTES
      • Water Samples - Pool Water and Pool Filter Backwash Collection
      • CDC Shipping - Water Samples and Clinical Specimens
      • Stool Samples - Collection for Genotyping and Subtyping Cryptosporidium spp.
    6. Giardia Research - Opportunity for Collaboration
    7. Healthy Water Web Site Team Working in DPD
    8. A Travel-associated Legionnaires’ Disease Cluster Investigation
    9. CSTE Workgroup - Naegleria fowleri
    10. MMWR - Naegleria fowleri Case Summaries
    11. Taking A Closer Look - Naegleria fowleri
    12. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR): 2005-2006 Surveillance Summary
    13. Request to Readers
    14. Contacts
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February 2008 Issue

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February 2008 - Supplement Issue

  • February 2008 Supplement – Original [PDF - 7 pages]
  • February 2008 Supplement – Accessible (508 compliant) [PDF - 7 pages]

    Issue Contents

    1. Overview of Changes to Data Fields from WBDOSS to NORS using CDC Form 52.12 2
    2. How CDC Form 52.12 Sections Will Differ in NORS
      1. Type of Exposure
      2. Location of Outbreak
      3. Date of Outbreak
      4. Number of Cases
      5. Symptoms
      6. Incubation period
      7. Duration of illness
      8. Specimens examined
      9. Etiology of outbreak
      10. Epidemiological data
      11. Water supply characteristics
      12. Factors contributing to drinking water contamination
      13. Route of entry for recreational exposure
      14. Factors contributing to recreational water contamination
      15. Water specimens examined
      16. Remarks