Health Promotion Materials

Please visit Information for Specific Groups for information concerning the public, public health and medical professionals, and food service workers.

Below you will find helpful resources related to water-related hygiene, such as podcasts, posters, and videos.

CDC Materials
  • Campaigns and Projects

    Health campaigns and projects related to hygiene promotion

  • Fact Sheets

    Printable fact sheets related to handwashing

  • Podcasts

    Audio podcasts about practicing improved hygiene in different settings

  • Posters

    Printable posters about healthy hygiene behaviors

  • Presentations

    Slideshows on hygiene-related topics

  • Social Media

    Buttons, badges, and electronic greeting cards that promote healthy hygiene habits

  • Stickers

    Videos and television segments on hygiene-related topics

  • Videos/TV

    Videos and television segments on hygiene-related topics

Other CDC and Partner Materials
Page last reviewed: July 26, 2016