The CDC SWS Container

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This web page is no longer being updated. Please explore CDC’s Global WASH site for more recent information.
The CDC SWS Container (CDC)

The CDC SWS Container (CDC)

In the initial Safe Water System programs, CDC designed and helped establish local production of 20-liter modified jerry cans, called the CDC Safe Water Storage container. This modified jerry can, which was at one time produced in several foreign countries, is no longer available. However, it serves as a model that incorporates all the essential features for safe water storage:

  • A small opening with a lid or cover that discourages users from placing potentially contaminated items, such as hands, cups, or ladles, into the stored water; (the opening was 3 inches in diameter with a screw-on lid);
  • A spigot or small opening to allow easy and safe access to the water without requiring the insertion of hands or objects into the container; (a sturdy screw-on spigot manufactured in the US was used)
  • A size appropriate for the household water treatment method, with permanently attached instructions for using the treatment method and for cleaning the container (the container held 20 liters).