Sample Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Section 2 - Assessment, Contaiminants, Monitoring, Involvement

Sample CCR Document

Section 2 - Water Assessment, Contaminants, Monitoring and Involvement
  • Source water assessment and its availability
    If an assessment, like laboratory testing, was conducted on your water source, this report lets you know how you may access the findings. The report may also show these results, such as the quantity and names of chemicals and germs found in your water source. 
  • Why are there contaminants in my drinking water?
    Contaminants (germs or chemicals) can be from natural sources like rock (arsenic) or can be introduced by animals, people or industrial sites dumping contaminants either directly in the water or in places where they can travel to water through the ground, like during a rainstorm. Some of these contaminants may not be removed through water treatments.
  • How can I get involved?
    All CCRs must provide information on opportunities for the public to participate in decisions that affect the quality of local drinking water.
  • Monitoring and reporting of compliance data violations
    If the level of a contaminant in drinking water is more than what the EPA considers to be safe (see the Water Data Quality Table), those violations must be explained, including how they may affect health and how they are being addressed or fixed.

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