Sample Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) Section 1 - Introduction, Precautions and Sources

Sample CCR Document - Introduction, Precautions, Sources

Section 1 - Introduction, Precautions and Sources
  • Date
    Report, which should be received every year by July 1, shows the findings of water testing from the previous calendar year. Your current CCR, for example, will display information about your drinking water from the previous year.
  • Spanish (Español)
    Where there are large non-English speaking populations, water providers are required to provide information about the CCR in the relevant language(s).
  • Is my water safe?
    A water provider may choose to include an introductory statement about the past year’s water quality results and compliance.
  • Do I need to take special precautions?
    CCRs must state that some people may be more at risk of getting ill than others from chemicals or germs that can be found in water. Examples of people who should seek advice about drinking water from their health care providers are highlighted.
  • Where does my water come from?
    The source of the water delivered by a water provider (wells vs. rivers or lakes) must be included, and generally where that source is located.

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