Tobacco Use Prevention Through Schools: Guidelines & Strategies

Well-designed, well-implemented school programs to prevent tobacco use and addiction
  • Have proven effective in preventing tobacco use
  • Provide prevention education during the years when the risk of becoming addicted to tobacco is greatest
  • Provide a tobacco-free environment that establishes non-use of tobacco as a norm and offers opportunities for positive role modeling
  • Can help prevent the use of other drugs, especially if the program addresses the use of these substances


Guidelines for School Health Programs to Prevent Tobacco Use and Addiction Cdc-pdf[PDF – 228 KB]
Describes seven key recommendations to help design and implement quality school programs to prevent tobacco use

Science-Based Strategies

School Connectedness: Strategies for Increasing Protective Factors Among Youth
Strategies that school administrators and teachers can use to enhance school connectedness among students and support an environment that helps students decrease risk behaviors, including tobacco use