CDC Healthy Schools Video Series

The videos below highlight some of the successful school health programs and initiatives administered by several of our state grantees.

Kentucky Success Story Video

Kentucky School Health Successes

Stephanie Bunge with the Kentucky Department of Education discusses how they, in partnership with the Kentucky Department for Public Health, used school health funding to develop a wellness policy guide for district teams and implemented an asthma management project within six school districts.

Missouri Success Story Video

Missouri School Health Successes

Marjorie Cole with the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services discusses how they used school health funding to create a rapid e-learning approach for more than half of over 1,500 busy school nurses in the school districts to learn about the updated guidelines for helping students with diabetes succeed.

North Carolina Success Story Video

North Carolina School Health Successes

Dave Gardner with the North Carolina Division of Public Health discusses how they used school health funding and empowered Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) liaisons to implement action plans to improve healthy eating and physical activity in five school districts benefiting nearly 8,000 students.

Tennessee Success Story Video

Tennessee School Health Successes

Lori Paisley with the Tennessee Department of Education discusses how they used school health funding to expand school health screenings across the state and screen an additional 70,000 students for health related problems.

Learn more about the success stories on impact and reach of CDC-funded school health projects.