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Healthy Schools Across the United States

CDC Healthy Schools supports programs administered by states that focus on improving the well-being of youth through healthy eating, physical education and physical activity, reducing risk factors associated with childhood obesity, and managing chronic health conditions in schools. This site highlights the impact and reach of CDC-funded school health projects across the U.S. beginning in 2014.

Healthy students are better learners.
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See the blue highlighted states for current success stories. Other state stories are forthcoming.


About CDC-Funded School Health Projects

CDC Healthy Schools funds states to reduce the risk factors associated with childhood obesity, manage chronic conditions in schools, and promote the well-being and healthy development of all children and youth. This work is done through State Public Health Actions to Prevent and Control Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity and Associated Risk Factors and Promote School Health (cooperative agreement #1305). CDC Healthy Schools supports the implementation of evidence-based school health strategies to improve physical education, physical activity, the nutrition environment, and management of chronic conditions by funding state health departments, providing them with technical assistance, and developing specialized tools and resources to help in the work they do with education agencies.

The state cooperative agreement funds two components: the basic component, which provides base-level funding to all 50 states and DC; and the enhanced component, which provides additional resources to 32 states for more school-based intensive interventions. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) complement and strengthen the work of the state grantees in four school health priority areas.