Food and Beverage Marketing

Healthy Eating is Great! poster image

Marketing for foods and beverages can be seen in schools on posters, the fronts of vending machines, textbook covers, and scoreboards. School districts should consider putting policies and practices into place that promote foods and beverages that support healthy diets (fruits and vegetables, plain water).

Schools can help students make healthy choices by marketing and promoting healthful foods and beverages. Some low-cost strategies include:

  • Collecting suggestions from students and families for meals and snack items that might be offered.
  • Conducting taste tests of new menu items and asking students to provide feedback.
  • Placing nutritious items where they are easy for students to select (placing fruits and vegetables to the front of the school meal line or near the cash register).
  • Using attractive displays for fruits and vegetables (fruit basket).
  • Pricing nutritious foods and beverages at a lower cost, while increasing the price of less nutritious foods and beverages.
  • Using signs or verbal prompts to encourage students to try healthy foods.