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Retail Food Stores: Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

Supermarkets offer a wide variety of foods—often at lower prices than found at smaller food stores. Research has shown access to healthy food requires grocery store and supermarket development in low-income communities. City governments can help encourage supermarket development and thereby ensure access to affordable, nutritious food by identifying potential sites and providing incentives. Planners and developers can make food retail a priority for livable communities.

Resource Library/ White Papers

The Food Trust's special report addresses "Stimulating Supermarket Development" in Philadelphia to identify neighborhoods with unmet demand for food retail, where new stores would create jobs and contribute to the revitalization of Philadelphia as part of an initiative to provide "food for every child." Available at: [PDF - 1.50 MB]. See also [PDF - 6.23 MB].

Food geography: how food access affects diet and health. Available at:

Fresh Food Financing Initiative is an innovative capitalization program to increase the number of supermarkets or other grocery stores in underserved communities across Pennsylvania. Available at: Healthy Foods Financing Initiative.

The Grocery Accountability Project (GAP), available at: is an initiative of the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute of Occidental College. GAP’s goal of is to increase grocery store performance and reliability with regard to five specific focus areas.

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