What can your veterinarian do for you?

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Veterinarians protect more than just your pet’s health

Pet Week: Vets can keep all your pets happy, healthy, whether they're furry, featured, or scaly.

Did you know your veterinarian plays a part in keeping you healthy, along with your pet? Pet health is connected to human health – germs can spread between you and your pets when you feed them, clean up after them, and even when you cuddle or kiss them.

Taking your pet to the veterinarian regularly can help ensure your pet lives a long, healthy, and happy life. And when pets are healthy, it helps keep you healthy!

Why take your pet to the veterinarian

Every pet – no matter how big or small – should have a trusted veterinarian. Veterinarians provide pet care, advice, and comfort for pet owners over the course of a pet’s life. Just like a human doctor, your veterinarian should be someone you trust and can go to when you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health.

Here are just a few ways your vet can help you:

  • They can help you pick the right pet for your lifestyle.
  • Veterinarians are trained to understand animal health – they can give you advice on your pet’s nutrition, exercise needs, and other needs.
  • Yearly veterinary visits can help prevent health issues in your pet, through routine vaccinations, and flea, tick, and parasite prevention.
  • Veterinarians are there for you when your pet gets sick or injured.

How veterinarians protect human health

By keeping pets healthy, vets are also helping to keep people healthy too.

  • Veterinarians vaccinate pets to prevent diseases that can spread to people, like rabies.
  • Veterinarians prevent and treat bugs and parasites in pets that can also affect human health, like ticks and worms.
  • Veterinarians can give you advice about ways to prevent the spread of germs between you and your pet.