Do You Have a Pet Turtle or Backyard Flock

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Always Wash Your Hands after touching pet turtle banner

Check out CDC’s new resources to help you stay healthy and safe around animals.

New social media graphics

CDC has new graphics with tips for staying healthy around pet turtles. Share these graphics on Facebook and Twitter to remind friends and family how to safely handle their pets.

New patient story

Tyler's Story youtube cover

A new CDC video series presents real stories from people who developed serious enteric (intestinal) infections from food or animal contact. One story features Erika and Tyler, a mother and son from New York. They describe Tyler’s battle with a Salmonella infection, which the family learned came from contact with chickens in their backyard flock. Erika discusses how family members have changed how they interact with their chickens to make sure no one gets sick again, including always washing hands after touching chickens and keeping the birds outside of the home.