Keep your pet’s items clean to stay healthy

Pets, pet food, and treats sometimes carry germs. Did you know these germs can easily spread to your pet items, like bowls, toys, or crates? Germs on these items can make your pets or your family sick. Not to worry! You can keep yourself and your pet healthy by keeping your pet’s items clean.

Bulldog chewing on a toy

Clean these pet items frequently

  • Pet bowls: Clean after every use for wet food and every day for dry food and water.
  • Pet beds, blankets, and habitats: Clean every week.
  • Pet toys: Clean every month.

Disinfect items if…

Pet supplies and toys
  • They touch poop or pee (like your cat’s litter box).
  • Your pet or anyone in your household is more likely to get very sick from germs.
  • Your pet is sick.
  • You have pet rodents or pet reptiles or amphibians.

How to clean and disinfect

  • Follow the cleaning instructions on the packaging or tags.
  • If using a disinfectant, always follow instructions on the disinfectant label.
  • If there are no cleaning instructions, visit our new webpage on Cleaning and Disinfecting Pet Supplies to find a recommended method based on the item.