Include Pets In Your Preparedness Plans

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Pets are important members of your family, so don’t forget them when you’re making household preparedness plans. Taking some simple steps now can help prevent difficult decisions when an emergency happens.

5 tips to prepare your pets

  1. Get pets microchipped and keep the information up to date.
  2. Prepare a pet disaster kit ahead of time.
  3. Plan where pets will stay in an emergency.
  4. Have a trusted person who can check on pets if you’re not home.
  5. Practice evacuating and sheltering in place with pets.

Include the essentials in your kit

Making a pet disaster kit is easy and one of the best ways to make sure you’re able to keep your pet safe during an emergency. Gather supplies like leashes and carriers, include at least 2 weeks’ worth of food and medication, and get your vet’s help with medical records.

Preparedness for farm animals

An up close picture of a goat

Do you keep farm animals like horses, goats, or chickens? They can be especially vulnerable to emergencies like winter storms, fires, and hurricanes. A new blog post outlines ways to keep farm animals safe.