Healthy Pets Make Healthy People

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It’s National Pet Week, so we’re shining the spotlight on the real stars of the show. You already know that pets make life more fun. But did you know that they can also improve your health?

Some health benefits of pets include:

  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • More opportunities for physical activity and social contact
  • Lower cholesterol

Meet the Pets of CDC

How do we know so much about the benefits of pets? Personal experience!

Here at CDC, we love our pets. Meet some of our best friends and coworkers.


Dog sleeping in it's dog bed

“Stella’s strong commitment to napping helps remind me of the importance of taking time to rest and recharge.”

—Christy Spring, Health Communications Specialist


A baby gecko sitting on a limb

“Finn is still a baby, but he is the most perfect coworker. He never distracts and always listens to what I have to say. In this picture, he was laughing at my dancing… He has really kept me sane during this time [the pandemic].”

—Daria Zarzeka, ORISE Fellow


Pet mouse looking out the window of it's toy house

“Having Ginger next to me every day is a constant reminder to take care of myself and live my best life, no matter the circumstances.”

—Heidi Floyd, Communications Specialist (Contractor)


Pet rabbit playing with a ball

“Athena has helped me so much during the pandemic: soothing my feelings of isolation and anxiety, cheering me with her antics, and reminding me to take breaks from work (because it’s hard to ignore a rabbit inserting herself between you and your computer asking to be petted).

—Rebecca Roulo, Microbiologist


Cat staring at a computer screen

“Simba is very curious with some images on my screen, and sometimes he looks like he really wants to understand the content. Sometimes just watching him has helped me find solutions to my problems…Simba’s company and unconditional love have helped me tremendously in overcoming difficult moments.”

—Ruth Moro, Public Health Analyst