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Future Health of our Nation Infographic

The impact of America’s growing, aging population on the future health of our nation.

Future health of our nation infographic. Text follows image.

Future Health of our Nation PDF Version

Future Health of our Nation (Text)

America has a growing, aging population, which will greatly affect the health of our nation.

The number of older adults in the U.S. will double by 2030.

Greater numbers of older people will require care for chronic diseases and age-related health problems.

Deaths from Alzheimer’s, hepatitis C and certain cancers are rising. By 2030:

  • Cancer may overtake heart disease as the #1 cause of death, killing 640,000 people each year
  • The number of hepatitis C-related deaths may grow by as much as 3 times
  • Alzheimer’s disease may become the 4th leading cause of death, killing over 150,000 people a year

CDC is monitoring these problems, working to detect and prevent them, and sharing information to help combat them.


  • Public health partners can educate people about healthy aging and to recognize early signs of disease and get help.
  • Health care providers can screen patients (as recommended) for hepatitis and cancers, following up with results and referrals quickly.

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