Vet Plan and Build Awareness

Vet Plan

Just because you have developed the plan and engaged multiple stakeholders along the way that does not mean that your plan is complete. A process of vetting (having a period of discussion and feedback) the plan is critical to its success. Develop a process to show the plan to relevant stakeholders (including your Allies and Champions) and gather their feedback to ensure the plan reflects the perspectives of those necessary to implement the plan. Refine the plan based on that period of discussion and feedback and work to get your Champions and senior leader(s) to support the plan.

Build Awareness

Once your plan has been accepted by your key stakeholders, it’s time to engage all your advocates to make everyone aware of the plan and what it includes. There is no point in developing a plan that sits on a shelf or in someone’s electronic files. Get out of your comfort zone and present the plan at staff meetings or across your organization, have your Champion and senior leader(s) reference the plan in their presentations and have them send an announcement of the plan to all staff, and/or incorporate the plan into new employee orientation materials. As you present the plan, highlight the benefits people will appreciate immediately.


Page last reviewed: October 17, 2019