Get Buy In

Getting buy in is a natural next step after you have identified advocates who will be essential to the development, implementation, and promotion of the plan. Before you go off and develop a plan on your own, it is critical to determine the level of support from your Champions and Allies. Remember, everyone may not have the same understanding of health literacy and its importance, so you should carefully consider who you are trying to reach and what would be most appealing for them.

Some possible suggestions for getting buy-in include:

  • Have individuals/staff take a training on health literacy to understand its importance.
  • Have individuals/staff watch videosexternal icon which show the impact of limited health literacy and how health information and services can be overwhelming and complex.
  • Show the problem of health literacy in your state or county. State and county estimatesexternal icon of low literacy are available from the National Assessment of Adult Literacy.
  • Invite a speaker from an adult education class or English as a second-language course to talk about the challenges they face with health information and services.
  • Sometimes the best way to get buy-in is to show success, so you could take some small actions to address health literacy and then demonstrate how those actions have benefited the organization.


Page last reviewed: October 17, 2019