Healthy People 2030 Proposes Redefining Health Literacy

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) invites comments on a proposed new health literacy definition for Healthy People 2030. Read the full request for comments in the Federal Register at: icon

The current health literacy definition is limited to an individual’s ability to find, use, and understand health information. Studies from the field have shown the need to broaden that definition to include the systems and contexts that can influence a person’s health literacy.

A new definition can broaden the scope to include how organizations, health care professionals, health insurance providers, and communities can work together to help individuals find, use and understand health information.

We want to hear from you. Please visit the Federal Registerexternal icon and share your ideas on a new definition that reflects the work you do to help people find, use and understand health information.

Slides for Redefining Health Literacy Presentation, June 26, 2019​ pdf icon[PDF – 1 MB]


Page last reviewed: June 26, 2019