Visual Communication Resources

Collage of bar graph, pictograph, line chart, infographics, and photograph of a White girl with blond hair

Visuals can support the main message and help audiences understand numerical information.

Visuals, such as pictures, drawings, charts, graphs and diagrams, can be effective tools for communicating health information. Visuals can make the presentation of complex information easier to comprehend and more attractive. They can also reinforce written or spoken health messages.

Visual communication can benefit all audiences, especially people with lower literacy and numeracy skills. Remember, though, that visuals can’t speak for themselves. People can interpret visuals, just as they do words, in different ways. Choose visuals that support the main message and have clear headings, labels, and captions.

Below are several resources for public domain health pictures, as well as resources that will help you make decisions about choosing images that effectively communicate your message and graphic displays your audience will understand.


Page last reviewed: February 19, 2021