Leading Causes of Death (LCOD) in Males United States, 2015 (current listing)

Below are the leading causes of death in males for 2015 (current listing).

Leading causes of death in males, all males, all ages summary
All Males, All Ages Summary Percent*
1) Heart disease 24.4
2) Cancer 22.8
3) Unintentional injuries 6.8
4) Chronic lower respiratory diseases 5.3
5) Stroke 4.2
6) Diabetes 3.1
7) Suicide 2.5
8) Alzheimer’s disease 2.5
9) Influenza and pneumonia 2.0
10) Chronic liver disease 1.9

*Percent of total deaths in the race category due to the disease indicated. The white, black, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Asian/Pacific Islander race groups include persons of Hispanic and non-Hispanic origin. Persons of Hispanic origin may be of any race.

Page last reviewed: April 16, 2018