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We want hear about your success stories! Tell us how you have used the principles of social marketing and health communication to reach your intended audiences, conducted research and evaluations, selected the channels for distribution of your messages, the tools you used, and anything related to crisis or emergency risk communication (CERC). We want your “best practices,” positive outcomes, and demonstrable behavior change that occurred because of your communication and social marketing efforts.

Be sure to specify all the ways your campaign or communication program was a success, and provide contact information where we can reach you. For now we will share your stories on this page. As we receive more, we will create additional pages based on the basic divisions of the Gateway website – (Audience, Campaigns, Research/Evaluation, Channels, Tools, and CERC). We also plan to take the best submissions and create feature stories for inclusion on the Gateway homepage.

You can also use Gateway Mailbox to provide any comments on the Gateway or suggestions for improvement.

CDC Success Story

CDC Success Story

Health Marketing for a Healthier Nation and a Healthier World pdf icon[5.8 MB, 32 pages] – A 2008 CDC Health Marketing report summarizing how CDC is committed to delivering health information.

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