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Notice of Funding Opportunities
Career Information

APHL-CDC Fellowship and Internship Programs APHL and CDC laboratory fellowship programs to train and prepare scientists for careers

CDC/ATSDR Statistical Advisory Group (SAG) [PDF – 185 KB] Overview, resources, instructions, contacts

CDC Program Performance and Evaluation Office (PPEO) Framework for program evaluation in public health

CDC Fellowships and Training Opportunities LinkedIn notices

Career Information CDC HBCU and minority-specific information and opportunities

Events and Notices Calendar of CDC HBCU and minority-specific activities and notices

PHAP Public Health Associate Program [PDF – 360 KB] Training the next generation of public health professionals

USPHS Factsheet: About Us [PDF – 568 KB] Introduction to the Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service

USPHS Factsheet: JRCOSTEP [PDF – 386 KB] Junior Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program Overview

USPHS Factsheet: SRCOSTEP [PDF – 388 KB] Senior Commissioned Officer Student Training and Extern Program Overview

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Resources from Schools

HBCU Colleges and Universities List of HBCU colleges and universities, contacts, and partnerships
Morehouse College’s Project Imhotep [PDF – 201 KB] Overview and information about an eleven-week summer internship in cooperative agreement with the CDC’s Office of Minority Health and Health Equity

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Minority Resources

NCIPC DEBIA Council, Loretta Jackson-Brown, Chair

White House Executive Order On September 3, 2021, the White House established an executive order to advance educational equity, excellence, and economic opportunity through Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). CDC has begun to answer this call to action by recognizing that diversity, equity, inclusion, and engagement in our workforce is imperative to health equity in our science and interventions. We are committed to improving outreach to diverse communities to highlight our agency’s programs, fellowships, and initiatives so that CDC remains a pinnacle in public health.

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