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Clean hands are your best defense against the spread of germs. When you wash your hands with soap and water, you not only protect yourself, but also the community.

Be your own handwashing hero! Join other handwashing heroes to help make the world a safer place, one wash at a time. You might even see your message reposted on the social wall below!

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    Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Haiti‏

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    Even the youngest in our community are public health advocates. Sixth-grader Denis helps maintain the bathroom and #handwashing station at his school in #Haiti and models good hygiene practices to his peers #GlobalHandwashingDay #HandwashingHeroes #HandwashingSavesLives

    a boy in Haiti in a hospital
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    Health Careers RCTC‏

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    #HandwashingHeroes RCTC Health Careers Seniors celebrate Global Handwashing Day. They know that handwashing is the # 1 way to prevent the spread of infection.

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    Well done to our #handwashingheroes

    schoolchildren in a classroom learn to wash their hands.
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    Maji Safi Group

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    It has been a week since Global Handwashing Day and but we are still teaching about this vital daily habit everyday!
    Wiki moja imepita tangu Siku ya Kunawa Duniani lakini bado tunafundisha kila siku kuhusu hii tabia maalum ya kila siku!

    students in Tanzania learn about hand hygiene
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    Texas A&M Student Health Services‏

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    Germs are all around us. Washing your hands w/ soap & water can dramatically reduce the risk of contracting illnesses & prevent the spread of infections! Join the #HandwashingHeroes campaign to prevent the spread of illnesses in honor of #GlobalHandwashingDay! @handwashingday

    women at Texas A&M practicing good hand hygiene
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    R. Frankson

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    This handwashing hero in the making is gearing up for #globalhandwashingday! #handwashingheroes #cdc

    little girl washing her hands

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