#HandwashingHeroes Social Media Campaign

Social Media handwashing facebook live image

Germs are all around us–they lurk on our clothes, our food, the items we touch, and especially on our hands and bodies. Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to reduce the number of germs, helping keep us safe from illness. You can play a role in encouraging your community to make handwashing a habit by just sharing one social media post on your Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page.

Join us in a conversation about the importance of handwashing by sharing your own #HandwashingHeroes picture or video beginning on Global Handwashing Day, October 15. Here’s how:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, making them nice and clean. Check out CDC’s recommendations on how to wash your hands in five simple steps.
  2. Have someone snap a photo or video of you showing your clean hands – better yet, make it a group photo with others! For example, you can also make a video singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice while washing your hands. This can serve as a timer while washing.
  3. Share your post on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtag #HandwashingHeroes.

You might even see your message reposted by CDC or posted on our social wall!

Remember these key times to wash hands:

  • Before, during, and after preparing food
  • After using the toilet
  • After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

Learn more about handwashing and how it can help save lives.

CDC may use content and photos using the hashtag #HandwashingHeroes in future social marketing campaigns and materials.

Page last reviewed: November 19, 2018