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If Left Untreated, Strep B Could Seriously Harm Your Baby

There is something all pregnant women should know to protect their babies' health before birth. A tiny little bacteria called Strep B may be hiding silently in your body.

If left untreated, Strep B could seriously harm your baby.

Strep B

Q: What is Strep B

A: Strep B is a very common bacteria found in once out of four healthy pregnant woman. Any woman can get the bacterial and possibly infect her baby.

Q: What Can I Do to Protect My Baby?

A: Every pregnant woman can ask her doctor to be tested for Strep B. The test is simple and painless and should be done when you are 35 to 37 weeks pregnant.

Q: What Can Happen To My Baby?

A: Strep B can cause serious illnessses like pneumonia or meningitis in newborns.

Q: What Happens If I Have Strep B

A: Spread of the bacteria to your baby can usually be prevented by taking intravenous (through the vein) antibiotics at least 4 hours before delivery.

Protect Your Baby's Life.

Please ask your health care provider about Strep B disease.

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