Hurricane and Tropical Storms

President Donald Trump and the Secretary of Health and Human Services have declared public health emergencies in multiple States and Territories, in response to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.  CDC recognizes that these recent hurricanes have impacted applicants’ and recipients’ ability to submit applications and/or reports on time due to their closure or inability to operate. Specific guidance on submission of applications and reports are detailed below.

Late Application Submission

CDC will consider accepting applications beyond current deadlines for new awards, non-competing continuations, and supplemental awards on a case-by-case basis with due dates from August 31 – December 31, 2017. Applicants or current recipients (as applicable) adversely affected by a hurricane that need additional time for submission(s) please do the following:

  • Applicants to a new Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) must review Part II D.4. Submission Dates and Times and Part II G. Agency Contacts, for the name of the CDC Grants Staff to contact for assistance as soon as possible but prior to the closing date to request an extension.  Please note that competitive awards may have a limit on the number of days an extension can be approved.
  • Current recipients should first review the award’s terms and conditions for reporting requirements or the continuation guidance for non-competing applications. If further direction or clarification is needed, please contact the assigned CDC Project Officer for programmatic concerns or Grants Management Specialist for administrative matters within 10 days of the due date or as soon as you are able to assess your needs to determine next steps for program execution and/or to discuss submission extensions.

CDC will provide written notification to applicants and/or current recipients if/when an extension (other than what has been approved in this notification) request has been approved.

Financial Reporting

Federal Financial Reports (FFR SF-425) are due quarterly, annually or at the end of the competitive segment as indicated on the Notice of Award.  CDC understands that some reporting delays due to the storm are unavoidable.  Therefore recipients located in the affected areas are hereby granted a three (3) month extension to submit reports such as the SF-425, Federal Financial Report (FFR) for quarterly, interim, annual, and final reports.

Recipients should contact their assigned CDC Grants Management Specialist if relief from any other administrative provisions are required, including extension of performance period, waiver of prior approval requirements, and expenditure of funds for salaries and other project activities. logo
Page last reviewed: July 13, 2018