Genomic Epidemiology: Utilizing the Genomics Revolution for Public Health Action

This Preventive Medicine Grand Rounds session is scheduled for:
Wednesday, February 2, 2022, 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. ET

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In this Preventive Grand Rounds Dr. Ellie Click will describe how applications in genome science can be combined with epidemiology approaches to prevent, control, and respond to pathogens that threaten public health.

Rapid advances in genomic technologies, such as genomic sequencing, are transforming how we respond to public health threats. Scientists use genomic sequencing to identify and prevent a wide variety of pathogens, including those that cause foodborne illness, tuberculosis, and COVID-19. Combining genomics and epidemiology—coined “genomic epidemiology”—provides a powerful tool for surveillance, outbreak detection, as well as response, and indicates a future where the human genome can direct public health action.

Eleanor Click, MD, PhD

Eleanor Click, MD, PhD

Lead for Extramural Innovation
Office of Advanced Molecular Detection
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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The Grand Rounds presentations are provided by CDC’s Preventive Medicine Residency and Fellowship (PMR/F) program with the goal of sharing systems-based approaches and leadership practices to address population health issues and public health emergencies.

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