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Strategic Focus


CDC works collaboratively with Bangladesh’s National Tuberculosis Programme and others to better understand the transmission and treatment of TB and drug-resistant TB in Bangladesh. Research activities are focused on improving prevention and treatment efforts and include ongoing surveillance of drug-resistant TB at 14 sites across the country, an investigation of hospital-acquired TB transmission, and evaluations of two TB program activities: hospital-based TB infection control and a new nationwide model for community-based treatment of multi-drug-resistant TB.

Key Activities and Accomplishments

  • CDC and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) provide technical assistance in Bangladesh to support Global Fund grants and ensure that they are successfully implemented. The goal is to improve coordination between partners, build country capacity, and ensure that the greatest challenges in TB prevention and care are met, while significantly decreasing the amount of “fly-in/fly-out” technical assistance. Bangladesh is one of the first countries to receive this new model of technical assistance to help them meet their country-specific goals for addressing multidrug-resistant TB.

More Information

More information and data about TB in Bangladesh is available online at WHO’s TB Country Profiles.

More information about CDC’s global health work in Bangladesh is available online at
CDC in Bangladesh.