Quarter 3 2021
40 Years of Progress – It’s Time to End HIV

The Drumbeat, Division of Global HIV and TB
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40 Years of Progress – It’s Time to End HIV
In late 1982, CDC used the term “AIDS” (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) for the first time. Forty years later, HIV/AIDS has claimed the lives of more than 36 million people worldwide and today there are nearly 38 million people living with HIV. Since this landmark publication, numerous studies and research have added to the body of knowledge on HIV prevention and treatment.

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Nigeria Treatment Scale Up Yields Unprecedented Results

In April 2019, CDC set out to launch an aggressive HIV treatment Surge in Nigeria that would employ the skills, resources and commitment of a range of partners – from the Ministry of Health to its implementation partners, to state and local community leaders. The goal: to dramatically scale up HIV treatment in Africa’s most populous country and put Nigeria on the path to epidemic control.

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Faces from the Frontlines: Protecting the Unprotected

Once an orphan herself, Nthabiseng now serves as a community caregiver to children orphaned by HIV. Thanks to training she received from the CDC- and PEPFAR-supported initiative known as “Families Matter!” – she helps feed, clothe, educate and comfort orphaned children in her community. She also helps them stay HIV-free. Read her story here as part of our Faces from the Frontlines.

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Feature: Restoring the Life Blood of a Nation

Over a decade ago, in places hard hit by the HIV epidemic, like Eswatini, blood banks were running dry. The demand for life-saving blood transfusions was rapidly increasing, but the HIV epidemic made safe blood donations nearly impossible to obtain. Read how CDC, PEPFAR and the Ministry of Health helped transform these efforts and make safe blood available again to the people of Eswatini.

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