CDC: Stopping Global Measles Outbreaks - Transcript

Title: CDC: Stopping Global Measles Outbreaks

On-screen graphic: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Logo, U.S. Department of Health and Human Service, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

On-screen visual: photographs of children with measles

James Goodson speaks: Measles still causes deaths around the world.

On-screen text: James Goodson, MPH, Chief Science Officer, Measles Incident Management System, Global Immunization Division, CDC

James Goodson speaks: In 2019 we had globally the most reported measles cases in 23 years.

On-screen visual: photographs of children receiving vaccinations.

Dr. Robert Linkins speaks: One of our constant challenges with measles is that you have to be relentless in vaccinating children.

On-screen text: Dr. Robert Linkins, MPH, PhD, Chief, Accelerated Disease Control and Prevention Branch, Global Immunization Division, CDC

Dr. Linkins speaks: We need 95 percent vaccine coverage with two doses of measles vaccine.

On-screen visual: photographs of COVID-19 medical teams overseas and baby with measles.

James Goodson speaks: Since the COVID pandemic has started we saw big decreases in immunizations. We’ve also seen interruptions in measles surveillance so the number of reported cases has dropped in 2020.

On-screen text: Top 10 countries with Global Measles Outbreaks: Yemen, Nigeria, India, United Republic of Tanzania, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, China, Kenya, Brazil, Burundi. Updated January 2021

Dr. Linkins speaks: One of the things that we’ve been able to do is to better estimate where our immunity gaps are in populations to be much more focused on early detection and a quicker response to measles outbreaks.

On-screen visual: photographs of measles vaccine

Dr. Linkins speaks: We’ve got a great vaccine it’s been in use for 50 years

On-screen visual: photographs of young children getting vaccine and showing finger with dye signaling she is vaccinated.

James Goodson speaks: and all we need to do is provide two doses of vaccine to children everywhere and we can eliminate measles.

On-screen text:

Global Immunization Division

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