World Malaria Day 2018: Ready to Beat Malaria

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CDC and global partners commemorate World Malaria Day each year on April 25.

This year’s theme is Ready to Beat MalariaExternal, which underscores the continued commitment that is needed to break the cycle of malaria and eliminate it once and for all.

The expanded use of proven malaria control strategies worldwide has significantly contributed to nearly halving the number of worldwide malaria-related deaths each year. From 2000–2015, these efforts are estimated to have saved more than 6.8 million lives, mostly among children under the age of 5 in Africa. Despite these tremendous achievements, approximately 3.2 billion people—almost half the world’s population—remain at risk of malaria. In 2016, 216 million cases of malaria were reported and an estimated 445,000 people died from the disease. The global risk of malaria results in approximately 1,700 cases of malaria reported in the United States each year, almost all among individuals returning home from travel abroad.

There is a critical need to accelerate the progress and continue to fine-tune approaches to malaria control to achieve global targets in the World Health Organization’s Global Technical Malaria Strategy 2016–2030External.

CDC supports global malaria control efforts through the U.S. President’s Malaria InitiativeExternal (PMI), an inter­agency initiative led by USAID and co-implemented with CDC, to reduce malaria incidence and mortality. CDC also supports global malaria control efforts by conducting multidisciplinary research globally to increase knowledge about malaria and develop safe, effective interventions that can further reduce illnesses and death, and ultimately end malaria for good.

How CDC Is Commemorating World Malaria Day 2018

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2018 World Malaria Day Social Media Messages

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Suggested Hashtags:

  • Official WMD 2018 Hashtag: #ReadytoBeatMalaria
  • Additional Hashtags: #EndMalaria, #WorldMalariaDay, #HealthForAll

Suggested Graphics:

Suggested Social Media Messages:

  • For more than 70 years @CDCgov has been #ReadytoBeatMalaria. Learn more about our work to #EndMalaria for good #WorldMalariaDay
  • Today is #WorldMalariaDay! @CDCGlobal is committed to eliminating #malaria worldwide, and now we’re using lessons learned & existing systems from efforts to eliminate other diseases, including #polio, to reach our goal to #EndMalaria for good. #ReadytoBeatMalaria
  • On this #WorldMalariaDay, @CDCGlobal & many #MalariaZero partners are on the verge of eliminating #malaria from Hispaniola, which includes #Haiti and the #DominicanRepublic. This would make the #Caribbean a malaria-free zone! #ReadytoBeatMalaria #EndMalaria
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Providing insecticide-treated bed nets like this one is a proven malaria control strategy in malaria-endemic areas

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Confronting Malaria on the Frontline in Nigeria

World Malaria Day vaccination

Malaria rapid diagnostic testing

2018 World Malaria Day

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