Global Health Security - 2018 Social Media Toolkit

The Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) is a global effort to strengthen the world’s ability to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats, whether they are naturally occurring, accidental, or intentionally released. More than 70% of the world remains underprepared for a public health emergency. Through the GHSA, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) works with countries to strengthen public health systems and capacity to quickly identify and contain outbreaks at the source, before they spread into regional epidemics or global pandemics.

This Global Health Security Agenda: CDC’s Achievements and Impact Social Media Toolkit includes communication tools that make it easy for individuals and partner organizations to increase awareness of CDC’s work to strengthen countries’ public health systems.

The toolkit includes:

  • Sample social media messages for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Hashtags and handles
  • Shareable graphics
  • Global health security photos

Global Health Security Sample Social Media Messages

How to use: Pair these messages with one of our many graphics and photos on your social media profiles.

Twitter Posts

CDC GHSA Annual Report

  • CDC plays a leading role in the implementation of the #GHSAgenda. Learn about our achievements and impact in this new report. #globalhealthsecurity
  • The #GHSAgenda is a coordinated effort to prevent avoidable outbreaks, detect threats early and respond rapidly and effectively. A recent report highlights impact and achievements.
  • Prevention, detection and response are the pillars of #globalhealthsecurity. Learn about CDC’s accomplishments of the #GHSAgenda in these key areas.
  • Tanzania has been battling a widespread cholera outbreak since 2015. With the help of global partners, response capabilities have been strengthened. #globalhealthsecurity
  • Learn how CDC-supported #globalhealthsecurity efforts in Uganda have dramatically reduced the time it takes to detect and respond to outbreaks. #GHSAgenda

Facebook Posts

  • CDC works 24/7 to protect the health security of America by fighting dangerous disease threats around the world and playing a major role in the implementation of the Global Health Security Agenda. Learn about our achievements and impact in this annual report.
  • Prevention, detection and response are the pillars of global health security. Learn about the accomplishments of the Global Health Security Agenda in these key areas.

Instagram Posts

  • Tanzania has been battling a widespread cholera outbreak since 2015. With the help of global partners and GHSA funding, lab scientists received on-site training in basic microbiology to enable them to test for cholera and other priority diseases. These efforts helped to stem the epidemic’s tide. #globalhealthsecurity
  • A pilot surveillance program in Vietnam helped to detect numerous foodborne disease outbreaks, mumps, diphtheria and chickenpox. Learn how community health volunteers helped to enable faster responses.

Hashtags and Handles

@cdcglobal Twitter
@cdcglobal Facebook
@cdcglobal Instagram
@DrMartinCDC Twitter

Download Shareable Graphics

How to use: Post and share these graphics and videos on your social media channels, blogs, and websites. Find more Global Health Security social media graphics here.

Global Health Security

Download Global Health Security Photos

How to use: To save an image from the carousel, right click and select “save picture as.” The image file name and format will display. Choose a file folder to save to.

Global Health Security Vietnam EBS

Vietnam EBS

Girls with Water

Girls with Water

Uganda GHSA

Uganda GHSA

EBS Community Health Workers

EBS Community Health Workers

Tanzania PHEOC

Tanzania PHEOC

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